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Database marketing has taken huge strides ahead in the past few years. The need for high quality data has increased tremendously and so has the need for good, strong and result oriented marketing platforms and products. This need is the very reason Span Global Services has introduced our range of SGS products for you. These products are perfect companions to your business needs and are fine tuned to address all conventional and not so conventional issues as well.

We have 3 products designed to cater to 3 highly demanding industries that need good databases and excellent marketing platforms to give good results.


Get qualified and verified IT data at the click of a button. SGS IT databases are highly targeted industry specific datasets that are ready for action.
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Promoting your healthcare product/service just got easier with an end-to-end marketing solution from Span Global Services.
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SGS B2B is your one-stop all inclusive plans to take your business programs to the next level.
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