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Scrub Your Email List to Increase Your Email Marketing Effectiveness in 2016

The email marketing ecosystem is constantly changing and so are the ways email marketing initiatives are strategized. One way to keep at par with these rapid changes is keeping the list clean at regular intervals. It is best to consider list hygiene as top priority. These best practices can help you scrub your list and keep it afresh for the New Year and help in greater email marketing effectiveness.

1. Remove role accounts

Role accounts like or are not an individual but group. Emails sent to these ids result in being flagged as spam or deleted as it might not reach the person subscribed to your emails. At instances, these could just be used as traps while gaining access to exclusive content. Users might subscribe with these role accounts instead of their personal email ids.

2. Differentiate hard and soft bounces

Though it is advised to get rid of bounced email ids, make sure to differentiate between hard and soft bounce. A soft bounce could be just a result of out-of-office or a temporary domain issue at the recipient's end. These email addresses need not be tagged inactive or be removed from the list as once the glitches are cleared, your recipient will get your email.

3. Sweep the invalids and bounces

Once these hard bounces are identified, find out the reason for the same. Simple invalids like '' instead of '' could be fixed immediately. Validating email ids might open a new user instead of losing one. A frequent email validation and verification can boost the list hygiene quotient.

4. Tap the non-responders

At times who you have identified as a non-responder or a cold contact might actually not be one. Check the frequency of your email sending to these responders before thrashing. Send them a personalized final reminder and urge them to take an action even if it means to 'unsubscribe'. Then you have a clear identification of unsubscribes and non-responders in the list.

5. Confirm subscriptions

A double opt-in system is the best way to avoid typos or invalid email ids crawling into the email list. Given that traditionally 20% of emails go undelivered, gate keeping them at the entry level helps start off with a clean list building.

6. Plan a survey

Create surveys to find out and understand your user preferences. These insights could reduce the chances of users getting disengaged with your communications thus resulting in getting flagged as spam. It is also important to note why users unsubscribe with you. Create a survey with options of most likely reasons when the user is about to confirm their unsubscribing. Learn from your mistakes and plan to serve users with better and relevant content.

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