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Stop trashing your email campaign: Get better with email appending

Email campaign helps you reaching your prospects in an inexpensive and effective way, but you often get trapped with the below questions after running an email campaign.

  • Are you upset with your current email campaign results?
  • Are your campaigns falling short of your expectations?

Think of a reason; has it happened because of messaging the target audience, or is it the offer, or the email campaign management platform itself?

You can leverage the power of our email campaign platform to run effective lead generation campaigns. Through emails, you can distribute newsletters and product related information among your existing customers. You can even market to your existing customers through an upsell or a cross-sell promotion

Following are the ways that shows the most effective and simple way of running an email campaign without your emails gets trashed.

Step 1: Email appending the most effective way

The greatest challenge is to make an effective contact list or lists of prospective leads rather to build an email list. The user validation, email verification email appending, and data appending - are the various way by which you can run a successful email campaign. Providing an OPT-OUT opportunity also facilitates the email receiver to choose the option of selecting or discarding you. Undoubtedly this reduces trashing, blocking and blacklisting.

By appending emails customer communication becomes easy, cost-effective and much faster.

Step 2: Confirm email delivery

Most of the marketers find it difficult to control the effectiveness of email campaigns. It is usually after the initial drive that is communicated to a targeted list of audience that businesses fail to track response. So after the initial communication confirm email delivery and correct return email addresses.

Step 3: Writing responsive emails which the receiver cannot avoid reading

  • Each mail should be specific to customers. Each of them should be written in an informal way
  • Craft a good subject line: while writing mails do not forget to give a catchy subject line which is alluring
  • Do not write prospective mails with a formal tone
  • Do not write generic mails. By writing generic mail you are not only wasting your time but also losing potential of making business with prospective clients.
  • Respect your reader's time and intelligence: Remember that your prospects are savvy about interpreting between a template and an email that was composed and crafted specifically for them. It is better to spend more time dropping in specific information about your prospect and his company. This process, even though this takes more time, it will increase your response rate much faster
  • Be concise: If your prospects feel that you will make them work to understand entire emails, they will immediately delete your mails. Emails are not meant to educate your clients. Neither you are going to build a relationship, nor do you can sale a product through your emails. The intention of writing an email is to elicit a positive response. So keep it concise and immediately get into the point. Do not make your customer reply to a long rather open ended query.

Step 4: Do not try to sale through your email communication

Do you remember that you have ever purchased something directly from a prospect email?

It is time to clarify your goal in sending a prospecting email. Too often, these messages try to pitch a specific product or service with the hope of selling. However, your prospect will never buy from you, based on that initial email. The only intention of a prospecting email is to get some kind of positive response. Before crafting each email, clarify what your goal is and how each word contributes to accomplishing that goal.

Step 5: Engage your customer

Think of a way by which you can offer a value to your customer that would cause him to hit the 'reply' button. Generally the prospecting emails ending up with with "let me know if I can help you". By writing like this you will fail to initiate a response.

An effective way of writing prospecting email is, where, in the conclusion you ask your customer for the email ID - to send them books, materials or perhaps a white paper. You can conclude the emails by asking for his/her mailing address where in you can send the materials. These would make your customer hit the 'reply' button immediately.

It becomes essential for you to follow the best practices between the amount of prospects that are sent out each day and the the vast amount of emails that your customers receive. Even a small mistake also can lead to a major failure.


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