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Grow your Email List

Strategies that help you to grow your Email List

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies. It is an important asset for any marketer. It not only enhances the number of potential customers but also helps you increase your ROI. As a marketer it is extremely important for you to add fresh contacts to your email marketing list. A successful email acquisition strategy not only helps to attract new customers, it increases the quality of the list as well.

Why your customer needs another mail from you? How best can you offer the email subscription to them?

There are challenges and obstacles in the strategies that we follow while acquiring email addresses.

Following are the different ways by which you can build the best list of all possible contacts of your prospects.

Create striking content

The content of your email should be catchy enough to draw the intended customer to stay subscribed

Create a new lead generating offer

Offer a whitepaper or a newsletter and make your customer sign up to download this offer. You can gather emails via this offer.

Your customer may have to signup while downloading a particular newsletter.

Create an offer

Creating an exciting offer can help you gaining an email subscription. You can also provide them special offers by creating a birthday or an anniversary club.

Make maximum use of your existing website

Your website is perhaps the largest acquisition source of capturing emails from various sources. Creating an exciting offer and placing them in your website, can also attract substantial email traffic. Make your email form visible in the upper panel or "upper fold" of your landing page. Also create special offer so that more people subscribe to your email list.

Make your customers share your emails in social networking site

Also encourage your current email subscribers to share your emails by "social sharing button" or may be "email to a friend" so that their friends, relatives and colleagues can opt-in for your list. Include a subscribe link at the bottom of your emails. The people, who are the recipients of your email, can opt-in and stay in your list.

Make use of your website - increase email subscription

Make your email signup button visible clearly in your website. Sometimes it is seen that an email subscription form is placed at one side of your webpage. More and more websites offer email subscription in a popup window. Creating website email subscription popup helps you create a lead generating offer.

  • Also check that data entered in all signup pages are getting redirected to right-signup-page
  • Check confirmation pages appear and confirmation emails are sent
  • Also ensure that the email form in your website works properly and email data gets added in your database

Create online webinars

Gather emails everywhere. User can subscribe and provide the email ID if you have launched a webinar. Gather the email IDs after they are done with registration.

Collect email addresses offline via trade shows

Collect email addresses, offline from a trade show, add them to your database. For this email group, send a welcome letter that confirms their OPT-IN and stay in your list. When people are signing up in your tradeshows, you can ask their permission to send them emails. These can help you create an effective, compact email list and sweep you off from your invalid bounces. You can host an event and ask your visitor to sign up and stay on the opt-in list.


Developing an email database of live email addresses is one important facet of email marketing but getting an effective, opt-in email lists of interested customer is most challenging. These contacts are your prospective leads who would like to hear from you, about your brands and products.

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