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Whitepaper A to Z Package

So much to share, but not sure how?
Have an awesome idea, but lack conceptualization?
Create amazing resources but fail to fetch leads?
….Your answers lie in the Whitepaper A to Z Package.

Writing whitepapers needs technical expertise and good writing skills. Many who are good with words have mediocre ideas and those with amazing ideas lack the ability to write convincingly. With Span Global Services’ Whitepaper A to Z Package, you can communicate your ideas exactly the way YOU would like to.

YOU + Span Global Services = Whitepaper A to Z Package


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What is Whitepaper A to Z Package?

Whitepapers are not created in isolation, but are actually written through collaborated efforts and the involvement of your company with Span Global Services. Whether it is conceptualization, thought leadership, or the lead generation process, every whitepaper is a joint effort. It is going beyond the demand and supply theory.

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Why go for Whitepaper A to Z Package?

While using whitepaper for thought leadership and lead generation, a company has to demonstrate a commitment to the target audience. Span Global Services will list out 5-to-7 key points to be addressed in a whitepaper, which will give you the liberty of choosing from a list of topics. This way you can reach your target audience faster, better, and easier.

Who should go for Whitepaper Package?

Companies which are focused at explaining how their offerings can solve a real business or technical problem can use this package. Some of the leading names from industries such as IT/ITES, BT, Healthcare, Automotive, Retail, Marketing, Insurance should ideally be using whitepapers to educate and generate leads.

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Why Span Global Services for Whitepaper A to Z package?

Our technical writers with industry specific expertise will conduct adequate research to verify the topics and pain points before initiating any project. Following that, the whitepaper will be written in close collaboration with YOU following the WOPP (Whitepaper Overcome Pain Point) methodology.

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What about leads?

The whitepapers will be designed and produced with our WLC (Whitepaper Lead Capture) technology. Depending on your company profile, the leads are ensured and seen to it that they exceed your expectations each month. Also, pay based on the lead flow only!

What more do we offer with the whitepaper?

  • A dedicated landing page for relevant collaterals
  • Whitepaper promotion with a multi-channel approach
  • Whitepaper seeding across selected social media outlets
  • Documentation of the Client-Success Report
  • Repetition of the successful process cycle

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