How can Data-Driven Marketing be a Treat this Halloween?

Tenzin Geychok October 30, 2014

So what are you treating your customers this Halloween – a trick or a treat? If you wish to build a solid business foundation as a Reseller and enjoy superior profits, but lack the means to reach your goal, you’re at the right juncture. Just as an exquisite dish needs to have all the alluring […]

Tips to turn your email marketing into a lead generating machine

Tenzin Geychok October 23, 2014

According to statistics, every dollar spent on email marketing, yields roughly $44.25 for marketers. Though email marketing is not a new marketing tool, it is still the best tool to generate leads and convert more prospects for your business. Here are eight tips that you would need to induce in your email marketing to generate […]

Accelerate your Business through Data Driven Marketing

We live in an age where data rules our lives. The rate at which data is being accessed and processed each day is growing exponentially. Data is gaining more prominence as an essential foundation for optimizing business results and leverages the strategic business advantage. Best in class companies that use predictive analysis and data mining […]

Marc Benioff launches his new analytics software called ‘Wave’ at Dreamforce 2014—and there’s a smart watch on its way

Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of, on Tuesday, released his company’s cloud analytics software platform—WAVE. He made the release at the company’s annual conference held at San Francisco-Dreamforce. It is Salesforce’s first business intelligence and data analytics software. He has a very specific reason for launching this product, especially when there is a huge […]

10 compelling subject lines that smartly utilized data

We all know the importance of personalizing emails to yield greater response. But personalizing the emails doesn’t end at addressing your recipient by their first names. The chunk of customer data opens up plethora of opportunities in personalization. Check out this list of subject lines that best utilized the power of data. 1. Chad, 118 […]

Selecting the right mailing list is not a dream anymore!

In this world of electronic media, it is quite easy to establish a business; but accomplishing the target and milestones that you set for yourself can be overwhelming. You might need to get in touch with thousands of sure-fire prospects. Buying a mailing list is the best available option in today’s market. Zeroing in on […]