2018 for Data Driven Businesses

What 2018 means for Data Driven Businesses?

A new year is knocking at every Berth of your ship (Business). It’s that time of the year when engines are oiled, anchors are changed, and wrecks are cured with proactive measures and the apt technology that ensures security. Although unknown, 2018 is all set to become the most adventurous itinerary for businesses across the globe. Emerging technologies empowered consumers, intelligence-based communication will altogether be a ripsnorter to witness. Currently, businesses are testing waters while future-ready enterprises are starting to ...
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Span Global Services reveals dazzling deals on Business Database Solutions

B2C brands especially retail major in seasonal marketing campaigns and B2B brands go lull during the holiday season. Such notions are primarily because of the B2B business model- A complicated buying process which involves a lot of approvals done mainly on a contract basis. That’s what businesses think when it comes to B2B Holiday campaigns, offers, and deals! On the contrary, it shows good discounts and effective promo campaigns can serve as a right incentive for businesses/clients to buy. Recently ...
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The right way to add intelligence in your B2B customer database

Businesses like yours are leveraging data-driven strategies which include a cohesive data-awareness culture that is encouraging the Sales and Marketing wings to seek new perspectives, take risks, and challenge the status-quo with data. In the current B2B landscape businesses are striving to maintain, develop and acquire customer data from multiple touch-points leveraging the best data-driven measures. Today B2B clients are lucid and demanding. They have the power to influence your brand image and the bottom-line like never before. Hence it ...
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B2B Businesses: Expect the best from European and US Tech market in 2018

The Tech Market in 2018 According to Forrester, the growth in purchases of technology software, hardware, and services by European businesses and government measured in Euros will increase by 2.2 percent in 2018, while for the USA they will face a growth ratio of 4.8% in 2017 and 5.2% in 2018. Highlight of the European Tech Market In the European Tech Market businesses would increase software spend by 2.5 percent in 2017 and 3.5 percent in 2018, and Tech consulting ...
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Is It Better to Purchase Email Lists before GDPR, or after?

The entire world is tripping over losing out EU's potent virtual data-market in wake of its new legislative data protection reform. Though, to tell the truth, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is simply replacing an old directive ammended in another millennium, to handle a data-driven ecosphere that has evolved much ahead of its times. However, GDPR's impact on key business decisions to purchase email lists is crucial. Last date to implement GDPR for EU Member States is 25th ...
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The Most Practical Measures to Boost Your Technology Users List Potential

The technology users list currently under your disposal serves as the readymade access port to your ideal buyer market. But even the chosen ones have their best picks. Connecting to prospects who connect with you is the basis on which each targeted user-group (install-base) is evaluated upon. High time for you to do the same, if you are not already. We have enlisted a few markers, roadblocks and bypasses for boosting your technology user database by utilizing the most profitable ...
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How to Save Time on Building Email Marketing Planners

Unlike sales, today’s digital marketing practices have very little scope for spontaneity, and impulsive maneuvers. Each customization, leeway is thought through, while provisions are made for uncertainty. The more planned your approach, the better your marketing success. Good news is, today’s digital medium is also capable of providing you enough data to web your closely-knitted strategy. And it all begins with your email marketing. One planned campaign calendar in hand is worth ten aimless campaigns going ...
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Automated Account-based Marketing | Our Demonstration @ CeBIT Australia

A decade down the line, just-out Apple smartphones may still be the craze. Yet chances are, you might actually have to buy your first iPhone 24s from a robot! Not a walking-talking robot, but the kind which anticipates your mood swings better than you. Automation - that's what is baking the big cookies in B2B circuits these days. And why not! It's fast, efficient, user-friendly, and far ahead in terms of in-depth analysis and accurate executions. In fact, exponentially rising ...
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13 ways how consultants can save more time and money

For an independent consultant, time is money, irrespective of the industry you belong to. Finding creative ways to save time can reduce stress and build up more efficiency. Here are 13 ways how consultants can do it: 1. Follow the two minute rule of thumb: There are many business related tasks for a consultant that helps to stay organized and efficiently manage time. A good technique is the "Two Minute Rule." If you can do it in less than ...
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Catch Me if You Can: How to Lure Your Data Marketing Prospects

Remember when momma said, “Don’t look in the closet”, and you did? Curiosity is a cruel thing. And fueling it is an art. Now, with both attention and choice playing for the consumer, your data marketing team is running a close game to bend the stakes in your favor. Take that big CTA off your home screen. Stop stuffing your buy-page down customers’ throats. B2B relations thrive on long-term bonds, and brand loyalty only will ensure prospects to stay on ...
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