List of Top Companies using Workday


Workday is a renowned cloud-based software company that has a range of products and services that primarily focus on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Capital Management (HCM), and financial management for organizations.

Some of the key products and services of Workday are:

  1. Workday HCM
  2. Workday Adaptive Planning
  3. Workday Prism Analytics
  4. Workday Learning
  5. Workday Financial Management
  6. Workday Recruiting
  7. Workday Student
  8. Workday Cloud Platform
  9. Workday Insights
  10. Workday Expenses
  11. Workday Payroll
  12. Workday Time Tracking

Below is the list of top companies that use Workday for their businesses:

  1. Puma 


Puma is a well-known multinational athletic and sportswear company that primarily produces athletic shoes, sportswear, and accessories. Puma stands as one of the top companies using Workday. It has around 20,000 employees across the world and its revenue is 8.46 billion euros. Workday provides commendable support to the managers of Puma in leading their teams.

  1. Sanofi 


Sanofi is one of the leading global pharmaceutical companies that produces a wide range of products for areas such as vaccines, diabetes care, oncology, etc. Sanofi stands as the top company in the list of companies using workday in the healthcare and life science industries. The revenue of Sanofi is 42 billion euros and it has more than 91,000 employees working worldwide.

  1. Deloitte 


Deloitte is one of the prestigious organizations that has a presence in 150 countries. It is one of the top companies in the workday customers list and offers various professional services like audit and assurance, consulting, tax, and advisory services to clients across various industries. Deloitte leverages Workday for Human Capital Management, complex HR transformations, workforce analytics, etc. It has around 4,15,000 employees, and its revenue is 59.3 billion USD.

  1. Bupa Group 

BUPA Group

BUPA Group is a global organization that provides healthcare services and healthcare insurance to businesses and individuals. Bupa Group is one of the prominent companies in the healthcare industry that uses Workday. Bupa uses Workday to successfully manage digital teams from various countries and Workday unites all the data in one place. It has more than 8,40,000 employees worldwide and its approximate revenue is 16 billion USD.

  1. Chevron 

Chevron is one of the world’s largest multinational energy companies. Chevron operates in the production of oil, and natural gas resources and the distribution of petroleum products, diesel, etc. It is one of the prominent companies using workday in the energy and resources industry. Its revenue is 30.16 billion and has more than 43,000 employees.

  1. Bank of America 

Bank of America is one of the largest multinational financial institutions which operates in various countries. It is one of the prominent organizations in the list of companies using Workday. Bank of America has around 2, 17,000 employees and its revenue is 94 billion USD.

  1. Comcast

Comcast Corporation is a multinational telecommunications and mass media conglomerate. Comcast is one of the largest Media and Telecommunications Companies in the list of companies using Workday. Comcast leverages Workday to turn data into insights. It has around 1, 86,000 employees and its revenue is around 121 billion USD.

  1. Ford foundation 

Ford Foundation is one of the largest and most influential organizations in the world. Ford Foundation from the family of Ford Motor Company operates at a global level and funds various organizations in human welfare and community development projects, and more. It is one of the largest non-profit organizations in the list of companies using Workday. Ford Foundation has more than 700 employees and its revenue is around 486 million.

  1. LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is one of the prominent and well-known social networking platforms that focuses on career development, business networking, and professional growth. LinkedIn is one of the top networking platforms among the companies that use Workday. LinkedIn revenue is more than 13.8 billion USD and it has around 20,000 employees across various cities of the world.

  1. Adobe 

Adobe is a global software company that is known for its creative software products. Adobe software products are widely used in the fields of digital media, design, marketing, and document management. It is one of the prominent and leading companies in the workday users list. Adobe leverages Workday to improve employee’s experience. Its revenue is 17 billion USD and has more than 29,000 employees.

How to get complete access to the above list of companies that use Workday?  

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