World AIDS Day: Technology Marketing to Healthcare

World AIDS Day is just round the corner (1st December) and healthcare industry is currently the ideal ground for marketing your medical supplies technology. Undoubtedly, healthcare is one of the oldest and vastest utility services known to mankind. Simultaneously, the industry also holds quite a huge number of data in terms of medical and maintenance […]


Tenzin Geychok(Mike) November 17, 2015

The trading world is booming in its digital existence. And why not! It is fast, cost-efficient, user-friendly and customizable. Further, digital interactions are like written receipts every step of the way. They are trackable to the tiniest and minutest detail. Trend predictions can be perfected to design specifically targeted strategies. Some packaged, others isolated – […]

How to Sell to the CFO

Every stage of the lead generation process has to be highly personalized today. Every decision maker has their unique way of approaching a deal. Usually, for a B2B concern, the CEO is the one who takes the final decision. He is generally someone who looks at the positive aspects of business with great energy and […]

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