How to Sell to the CFO

Every stage of the lead generation process has to be highly personalized today. Every decision maker has their unique way of approaching a deal. Usually, for a B2B concern, the CEO is the one who takes the final decision. He is generally someone who looks at the positive aspects of business with great energy and enthusiasm and seldom skeptic about major moves and purchases. There is one designation that balances this for him-CFO. They are paid to see the risks and take a calculated decision based on numbers. If at all there is someone blocking the sales process for you, it will be the CFO. There are exact reasons why they are what they are, and that gives us an insight into what you need to do to circumvent their concerns. Your pitch needs to be created from the ground up-just for the CFO.

7 rules you need to make the CFO your ally

  1. Throw the pitch out the window
    Pitches glorify your product, it’s this and that, how amazing it is, how better it is than the competition. This is a sure fire way to alienate the numbers man to such a degree that they will respond is the most negative manner. Money is what matters.
  2. The savings aspect
    The CFO is there for a reason and that reason is to save money. Hold onto this and you will slowly see the interest creeping in. Create charts and representations of how your product can give them major savings over the term.
  3. Keep it simple
    Simplicity is the key to netting the confidence of a CFO. Numbers don’t lie and they are simplest means to attract attention, more so from a CFO. Be simple and precise with your presentation and drive the value of your product home fast and effortlessly.
  4. Research them
    Every CFO has his own way of looking at businesses. See how they approach it and build your case that is aligned to their way of thinking.
  5. Do not bloat numbers
    If there is one thing a CFO can sniff out, that is an unrealistic set of numbers. Be true to the limitations of your product, price it competitively and provide exact values, no less, no more.
  6. Provide an actionable plan that is measurable
    Whatever you may be doing, if you cannot measure the metrics, it does not mean anything to a CFO. If your numbers show positive increase and it is put together in a plan, it can work wonders.
  7. Get them interested directly
    Getting the attention of a CFO is not easy. You need to have their contact information and approach them in the right manner. If you are running an email campaign, you need the right dataset to reach the right CFO.

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