5 Ways to Enhance your B2B Thanksgiving Email Campaigns

Are you a B2B marketer? Sorry then. No holidays for you this Thanksgiving. As a marketer, it is your responsibility to convey gratitude and best wishes to your clients and prospects on the merry occasion. But more importantly, such occasions are also the best opportunities to leverage your databases, gain more on the brand awareness […]

The Personalization Talisman for Your Email Campaigns

Marketers are the genius behind your email campaigns, but customers are always a step ahead. Customers today can easily detect cosmetic personalization. Just by mentioning customer’s first name or by adding a demographic reference in the email doesn’t make your campaign personalized. Such tailored campaigns neither help marketers to create strong first impact nor long-lasting […]

Moulding a Solid Bedrock for Email Marketing & Personalization

The main focal point in personalization is being able to provide an ultimate customer experience. Not only the solutions, but also a homely presentation – customers want to feel comfortable with the content. Marketers must keep their buyer personas close, and campaign guidebooks closer to get things right. There is nothing trickier than influencing influence. […]

Span Global Services is the Agenda Sponsor of Smart Data Summit, 2016 – for a reason

Why Big Data is not big with businesses? How Data Virtualization helps in making businesses more user-friendly? Can Dynamic Performance Optimization reduce the redundancy factor of Big Data? What is the function of Self-Service Business Intelligence tools in Big Data analytics? These were just a few amongst the many questions that were discussed today in […]

Email Lists as Marketers’ Strongest Quarterback

Clean (free of errors); green (real time); and lean (relevant) – these qualities make email lists the strongest quarterbacks of a marketer’s multi-channel campaigns team. Like every soccer team requires a strong quarterback to win matches and earn the champions title, marketers require clean and clear email databases for all their campaigns to achieve desired […]

IT Innovation Unleashed: Span Global Services @ Interop Las Vegas 2016

Contrary to popular belief, people trust people. A flesh-and-blood handshake works much better in sealing the deal than an anonymous online contract. Even in the digital marketing businesses, meeting your high net-worth (HNI) clients now and then is not a bad thing. And where can this be better hosted than in an event organized by […]

How Marketers Leverage Email Lists

Email still rules. Although cost of customer acquisition has increased, marketers heavily rely on email marketing. Not only ROI, but email helps marketers in building long term customer relationships through nurturing programs. In a broader perspective, all marketing campaigns leverage email as a marketing platform to gain better results. The soul of any successful email campaign lies with the intended […]

How to attract and engage the right audience.

The most relevant aspect of data-driven marketing is building a credible buyer persona so as to attract prospective audience, converting them into leads and eventually your final buyer. Spending dollars without a plan in place would just jeopardize your stance and results however high in number would not hold weightage. Whether you are a start-up […]

Promote Your Annual Technology Event through Email Marketing: The Super-Bowl Analogy

How does a football championship become a house-hold name, a nation-wide sensation? Well, it is football! But even with all the adrenalin rush, managing the best display of US patriotism and heritage that represents departments like armed forces, police departments, and fire fighters cannot be left just on blind passion for the game. Underlying event marketing […]

7 Signs Your Technology Mailing List is Growing

“When I was a kid, it felt like they made something new every day… Like every day was Christmas.” –          Donald (Interstellar) We are living this future. As we speak, someone somewhere in this wide world is working on a new technology to make our lives better. In business, automation technologies have changed the paradigm […]

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