7 Signs Your Technology Mailing List is Growing

“When I was a kid, it felt like they made something new every day… Like every day was Christmas.”

–          Donald (Interstellar)

We are living this future. As we speak, someone somewhere in this wide world is working on a new technology to make our lives better. In business, automation technologies have changed the paradigm of marketing. Devoted customer engagement is being devised and successfully implemented across all sectors. As per Forbes, cloud-based marketing companies now constitute one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Last year, we saw an amazing number of companies investing in marketing technology. Inclusion of technology in the decision-making process is also becoming a well-adapted practice.

The number of B2B technology buyers is exponentially growing, and so is your technology mailing list. So what are you doing to engage this vast pool of knowledgeable potential prospects?

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Are You Growing with Your Technology Mailing List?

There’s probably just one thing that is growing more in numbers compared to modern technological innovations – i.e. Data. Arrays of digital input platforms have created a complex mesh of customer behavior data for added benefit to your technology mailing list. In a manner of speaking, now you know more about your prospects and recipients than they do themselves.

Businesses that optimize to data-driven marketing, grow themselves with their list. But first make sure your technology list is being populated with the right kind of audience. Then only your marketing strategy will strike relevance to your target audience and maximize returns.

7 Signs that Showcase Relevant Growth of Your Technology Mailing List

1.       Email share rates are on a high.

If email subscriptions are your lead generation meter, email shares are your lead multiplier. More shares mean more spontaneous reach. Greater share rates are self-validation for your campaign’s relevance.

2.       Subscribing recipients are mostly from the targeted segment.

Relevant email marketing starts with relevant audiences. While subscription is the ultimate word for leads, long-term relationships are defined with readers who connect to your products and business.

3.       Over 20% of your subscribers want to renew their opt-ins.

A response rate anywhere on the higher side of 20% is great for any opt-in renewal campaign. Readers want to continue their readership with you. This is the time to cash in on the momentum and expand your target segment.

4.       Strategically placed offer links are getting more clicks than other CTAs.

CTAs strategically placed at the top of the page or below the page content generally get results. But each website has its own signature. If CTAs placed at heat-mapped page locations are fetching good results, your website optimization is on track. This signifies growth of organic leads.

5.       Yours videos (“v-logs”) are getting more views.

Viewers get uninterested with business videos after a point. Continued viewership and shares of your v-logs means your video content is doing its job and pulling in audience. Watch duration is also another great measurement metric to judge the interest factor of your visual aids.

6.       Your website pop-up subscription is getting more fill-ups.

Content blocking, ad mania – whatever you call it – there is a general dislike for pop-up subscription forms. If it’s working for a niche technology business website, then readers are actually looking to subscribe to it. Good news for your CRM.

7.       QR Codes on your print materials are generating opt-ins.

This is the ultimate check point! Leveraging QR opt-in codes on print materials is a really niche marketing technique. Still, people are convinced to scan QR codes to opt-in to your technology mailing list. Now, that’s popularity!

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