Can Data Analytics Help You in Acquiring your Technology Marketing Prospects?

Service industries continuously suffer under the rough scrutiny of clients, prospects and the management. Technology being one of the most aggressively evolving service sectors, it draws a lot of flak sometimes due to lack of comprehension of inner workings, and sometimes due to unrealistic expectations rising from its recent successes. When you put it in business terms, this translates into a factor of disappointment which results in loss of trust and revenue for companies.

On one hand, technology companies are struggling to keep existent clients and there is also a rumored stagnation in new customer numbers. With so many things going against it, how is the marketing world coping with the changing trends? Is there something wrong with current technology marketing tactics?

Keep your technology marketing at par with your client needs

Number of new companies in the technology market has increased by a staggering 170% all over the world this year. Size of the market though has remained apparently unchanged in comparison to that. So, these huge numbers of new competitors are fighting tooth and nail for whatever little number of new clients that are available in the current technology market.

Under such circumstances, marketers trying to build their technology lists can only wait for better times or do the best with what they have at their disposal. A better technology to understand customer behaviors is something that is making a huge impact on marketing these days. Data analytics (or more appropriately, Big Data Analytics) have proven to turn around companies’ fates for the better.

Companies that use data analytics are:

–          Two times more likely to end up with top-quartile performances in finance

–          Five times more likely to make key business decisions faster and three times more likely to execute them accurately

–          Two times more likely to take informed decisions supported by data

Understanding your customers is by far the best way to get your technology business in line with client requisites. Data-driven marketing plans get you ahead in the competition and gives you headway in identifying the business’s key performance indicators. Want to know more about beating the Technology Marketing Blues? Contact Span Global Services at 877-837-4884 and get our expert opinions.

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