4 Valid Reasons for Buying an Email Lists

Marketing today has evolved into something that is dynamic, personalized and aggressive. It takes a lot more than print and television ads to attract your clientele. With the internet as it is today, digital marketing has taken the front seat and commands a whole lot of attention. Be it social media, websites and SEO, digital marketing has various avenues that you can use to reach your prospects. One of these is email marketing. Email is still one of the best and successful means to reach your prospects. It doesn’t matter if you are sending your customers or prospects a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly email; you need a good email list to get started.

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Buying email lists allows you with certain benefits that you do not get when you have an in-house email list. Marketing to your existing list may look like a safe bet with steady campaigns and nurturing programs to go, it takes a lot of time and effort to get things going and more times than not, the results can be low or sometimes, nonexistent. When you buy an email list, you can get cracking immediately, you don’t have to wait for the database to grow to a suitable size before you start a campaign and you get results faster.

Here are 4 solid reasons why you need to  start buying email lists.

1) Get access to quality data

Quality data has always been an issue when it comes to databases. To make away with bad quality data, it is best to go for a proven database provider who guarantees good quality data. It is understood that no list is 100% accurate, nut with a trusted service provider; you get good quality and higher deliverability. When you opt for targeted list, you should combine it with good lead generation software, good quality copy for the email and rest assured, you get better ROI than you would if it was an in-house list.

2) Reduce the risk of blacklisting and compliance issues

This is a serious threat to you when working with email marketing. If your sender score and spam score goes up, due to various reasons, you stand to lose a lot more than you expect. This is nullified when you buy an email list. Working with email services providers who are shady can really harm your brand and this is a crucial aspect that you need to work on while buying an email list. A good email services provider will give you guaranteed benefits such as verified data, and the use of standalone lead generation software that uses its own domain and IP address, keeping your own corporate domain and IP safe in the process.

3) Get access to qualified data and unlimited leads

If you work with a successful email data provider, you have unique access to your prospects, ready to be activated and converted into leads, faster. Due to higher levels of targeting, segmentation and verification, you are able to reach the right prospects in a manner that allows your lead generation-funnel to be shorter. This translates to higher Return on Investment for your marketing campaigns. Letting the database service provider to do the dirty work of data collection allows you the liberty to be assigning roles to the campaign, concentrate on lead generation funnels and faster closures.

4) Result based campaigns

Most email marketing service providers work on result based campaigns. This puts the onus on them to perform the task at hand well, and allows you the power to dictate the terms of contract and giving you exactly what you need. You may need to shell out a bit more, but the end result will always give you a lot more revenue and the investment will be well worth it. Knowing that your campaigns are targeted, clean and compliant, you can work on sales closures, the exact thing that your business needs.

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