Marketing Automation is Must for Technology Marketing

When data is available in Exabyte’s and terabytes, there is just too much meat for human hands to cut through. But what is that technology product that you were about to pitch to your prospects? Did it have to do something with data analysis, security, management or some other tool to handle their burdening technology marketing challenges? Why not use the same in your own marketing campaigns? Technology that sells is also the technology that mends. Marketing automation is the new hot piece of cake that every company wants to get its hands on.

Is Automation worth your Technology Marketing budget?

Automation technologies are used in somewhat all sorts of marketing initiatives, some more popular than the others. In a 2nd quarter, 2015 survey on technology services used by companies, Email monday came up with the following statistics:

Top 10 Marketing Technology Implementations by Companies

–          Email Campaign & Marketing Automation (82%)

–          Social Media Marketing (67%)

–          Marketing Analysis (60%)

–          CRM / Sales Automation (54%)

–          Content Marketing Management (52%)

–          Search Marketing (50%)

–          Marketing Automation (42%)

–          Data Management Systems (36%)

–          Testing / Optimization (33%)

–          Lead Generation (26%)

Major usage of technology in email marketing (82% companies already using it) has been trending in the B2B technology sector for quite some time. Some very basic reasons justify this escalation from manual personalization to automated communications.

  1. Manual business follow-ups take up important time those technology marketers can otherwise utilize in launching promotions requiring rigorous involvement.
  2. A good technology list consists of more than just the recipients’ contact information. Finer recipient interaction data can only be collected by pre-installed automation platforms. Data-driven analysis from the campaigns also becomes easier with automated technologies.
  3. Emails have an authority over any other communication platform when it comes to interacting with businesses. While this requires following strict guidelines, it also keeps the scopes of minor customization open. Automated technology marketing assures all this with the added advantage of maximized reach.

And that’s just email marketing! Manual controls over a digital world are a paradox which can prove to be a costly failure in the future.

About 70% of businesses in the world already use one or more Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs) or planning to allocate for one in their marketing budgets. 43% of companies who are using MAPs are doing so for equal to or more than 4 years. This highlights both the growth and stability of the marketing automation trend.

So, can automation be a part of your technology marketing budget? Ask Span Global Services. Know more about our precious end-to-end Campaigner support tool.


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