How Technology Lists Enhanced My Business Performance

All Roads Lead to Technology Lists

The Background:

  • 60% of all organic clicks go to the first 3 results displayed on the search engine results page (SERP).
  • Business websites with 401-1000 web-pages generate 6-times more leads than websites with 50-100 pages.
  • Posts with more than 1500 words are more popular on Twitter and Facebook.

Who knows all this while building their first website! The exhilaration of a successful website launch, an imagination being turned to reality – the feel, the vibe – that’s all the mind cares about. But soon, realization dons that the website is not pulling in traffic.

3-D’s of setting up a successful website

  1. Design
  2. Domain
  3. Development

Online successes are dynamic, and need constant feeding. Justifying that, the third step of setting up websites – development – is a continuous process. The website that fails continuous maintenance and development, especially in its beginning stages, is bound to fail on whole. Costs behind designing (step-1) and buying your domain (step-2) become liabilities.

A Safe Catch:

In such a turn of events, what your website needs is proper promotion. If the SERP has failed you, you need to reach your customers yourself. Your product: your website. Promotions will be targeted towards people who are connected to the relevant industry. The others whom you should be interested in are your vendors. It’s a chain: you appoint vendors – vendors promote your product – customer reach increases.

So, how to get hold of your precious vendors? Easy! Call 877-837-4884 for Span Global Services. Ask us about our custom-made Technology Lists. These lists incorporate all who’s-who of the IT industry – engineers, tech gurus, CIOs – people who are more accustomed to the dwindling online presence problems. Write to us at [email protected] to fine-tune your requirements.

Technology Lists Set My Pitch Right

Cohesive Forces:

Direct mails, email marketing, social media – these are few channels where you promote your website. That is, you – with help from your Technology Lists contacts. The vendors promote your content simultaneously across all platforms, bringing in the brand’s unique signature to all the campaigns. The cohesive consumer experience builds your identity, increases reliability amongst customers and within no time, your hassled website is the next big thing on the internet.

In email marketing especially, companies are often not aware of the CAN-SPAM laws while launching email campaigns. Desired results can be achieved through proper communication with the readers and of course, strategies that navigate novice businesses out of the hands of unintentional spamming. This particular step has to be done with the help of technological professionals.

Social Disadvantages:

Reeking under losses of initial investments, which are the highest in online businesses, it’s not feasible to invest more in an impactful social media buzz. So, the idea of promoting your website with a single Facebook page is nipped in the bud. The high volume of social networking crowd will be hard to engage initially. And it will require a robust social media marketing campaign to set the balls rolling in your favour. Technology user lists help you connect with the right people and thus, the ideal resources to carry out your promotional campaigns. There’s no harm in promoting your first website on an already existing well-ranked page, right?

Development, Again!

Promotions can act as a good marketing tool, but finally the product (your website) should live up to your campaigns. It can’t play substitute to your web development. But hold on! Your Technology Lists also include email databases of hard-core IT professionals. Introduce your product to them, and they might have a few suggestions for your ideal development approach.

There a reason why tailor-made clothes fit better. Ready-made solutions might be instantaneous, but the diversity of customer requirements can’t ever fit in one shoe-size. Keeping this uniqueness in mind, Span Global Services introduces customized Technology Lists. Launching your first business online? Have an IT product? Dial (877) 755-0023. Send us your basic requirements at [email protected]. We’ll be glad to help you out.

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