Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of, on Tuesday, released his company’s cloud analytics software platformWAVE. He made the release at the company’s annual conference held at San Francisco-Dreamforce. It is Salesforce’s first business intelligence and data analytics software. He has a very specific reason for launching this product, especially when there is a huge inflow of similar products today.

Why the world needs good analytics software

Marc has had this product in development for quite some time. During his keynote speech, he addressed the crowd by letting them know about a few key statistics that has led him to develop WAVE.

“Did you know 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years? There’s going to be 10 times more mobile data by 2020, 19 times more unstructured data, and 50 times more product data by 2020.”

These numbers are big, and there is a bigger opportunity lying there. The incapacity of businesses to use the massive amounts of data they already have and also to do something with the deluge that is to come; good, proficient, and prolific data analytics software is the need of the hour, and Salesforce has delivered it.

The smart watch phenomenon

Smart watches have become all the rage now, with major manufacturers already producing them or having plans to do so. In anticipation of this demand, Marc has teamed up with pop and rap superstar, to launch a smart watch of their own during Dreamforce., along with his musical business, is a well-known businessman who owns fashion/tech company that recently got funded by Salesforce, and hence, Marc has gotten him to launch the product at Dreamforce.

Dreamforce 2014 has started off on a big note here, and we anticipate big news coming out of San Francisco in the next couple of days.

Author - Edward George
Edward George Author at Span Global Services One of the most charismatic leaders at Span Global Services, Edward assists strategic planning initiatives that help to promote an overall brand image of excellence. George is also a renowned B2B brand evangelist and blog writer. Backed with 15 years of client management expertise, George currently helps businesses achieve success through data-driven digital techniques. He ardently follows the lead by example principle and helps to maximize business performance of the organization and its clients.

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