Best 10 Fortune 500 Companies that use AWS

Many companies use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a variety of reasons. AWS offers businesses a flexible computing environment, which is cost-effective and scalable. Businesses who are looking for the best value for their investments will find it with AWS because you only pay for what you use. Plus, Amazon offers many different services.

We have shortlisted the top 10 Fortune 500 companies that use AWS for you. This helps you unlock the thought process and intent that goes behind businesses investing in AWS.

1. Netflix

Netflix, as we all know, is a movie and TV streaming service provider. Not long ago, they were faced with the problem of handling a high volume of traffic. To begin with, they needed to make sure that their servers could deal with such high volumes. They also needed room for scalability as well as other performance-related benefits, and it was made available with AWS and its cloud solutions.

2. Comcast

Comcast, a multinational telecommunications and media conglomerate, provides cable television, internet, and telephone services to businesses and residential customers. Comcast uses AWS as the backbone of its streaming services, including Xfinity TV, Movies & TV Shows on Demand. The Savvis CDN (Content Delivery Network) also makes use of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) that lets them manage content delivery at scale safely and reliably.

3. General Electric

Many companies choose Amazon Web Services (AWS) over other cloud providers like Microsoft and IBM for their data centers. GE is one of these companies using AWS to power their Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) technology. GE’s IIOT technology uses a combination of sensors, cameras, data analytics, and other information technologies to monitor the state of buildings, equipment systems, and oil fields in real-time.

4. Kellogg’s

Kellogg’s, a favorite food manufacturer of millions worldwide, has recently jumped onto the cloud and is singing its praises. If you’ve ever had a bowl of their cereal, we doubt you can say that Kellogg’s doesn’t know what they’re doing. But, with Amazon Web Services handling the IT for their worldwide operations and data centers, it seems like Kellogg’s couldn’t be more pleased.

5. Bristol-Myers Squibb

Bristol-Myers Squibb is the first pharmaceutical company in the world to operate completely on high-performance computing, amongst the companies that use Amazon Web Services. A pharmaceutical company is a natural fit for high-performance computing, as it can help them make decisions faster to provide better therapies in less time. Bristol has been using AWS since 2015 and found that they were able to cut down their data storage needs by 40%.

6. Pfizer

Pfizer Inc. is adopting Amazon Web Services as its primary public cloud application service provider, according to a company press release. The US drugmaker will shift five of its 13 services from internal data centers to AWS and enable productivity gains and cost savings of up to $225 million (USD) over time. This move will also allow it to provide faster, more consistent responsiveness for its customers in e-commerce and payments while lowering infrastructure costs by 40% for the whole corporation.

7. Capital One

It’s no secret that cloud-based services are the future of computing. Almost every company, large or small, has some cloud infrastructure to aid in productivity. One such example is Capital One’s use of AWS technology to handle their most data-intensive operations. Capital One is a well-respected banking institution with over 80 years as an established financial service provider for customers and business owners alike.

8. McDonald’s

The McDonald’s Corporation and many other companies have turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for various needs.  AWS provides access to a suite of cloud computing services that includes virtual machines, storage solutions, database services, and more. One such service is Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), which provides a scalable computing environment for the company.

9. Adobe

Adobe is a major player amongst the companies that run on AWS. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has agreed to provide cloud computing services for Adobe’s new Experience Cloud. This marks Adobe’s first public move into the world of big data, analytics, and machine learning with all of its creative applications. These include Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, After Effects CC, and Premiere Pro CC.

10. Nordstrom

Nordstrom is one of America’s largest department store chains. They use Amazon web services, which are hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), to power their website and support the software applications that customers expect. Nordstrom uses Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) to help optimize performance across its sites using a technology called Auto Scaling Groups.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a collection of remote computing services, including web services, cloud computing, storage, and computing power. AWS is currently the largest cloud service provider in the world, with a global market share near 70%.

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