Top Companies Using AS 400

What is AS 400?

AS/400 (Application System/400) is a midrange server platform developed by IBM (International Business Machines Corporation). AS/400 was designed primarily for small and medium-sized businesses to provide them with a scalable computing platform. AS/400, now known as IBM i, provides a wide range of services and capabilities to businesses, making it a versatile and reliable platform for various computing needs.

The solutions provided by AS/400 (IBM i) are:

  1. Integrated Operating System
  2. Database Management
  3. Application Development
  4. Security Features
  5. Networking and Communication
  6. High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  7. Batch Processing and Job Scheduling
  8. System Management Tools

The top companies across the globe from different industries use AS 400 to manage multiple tasks of their business. Below is the list of companies that use AS 400:

1. Motorola


Motorola is an American multinational telecommunications company that focuses on producing smartphones under the Moto brand, as well as other communication and networking equipment. It has more than 20,000 employees and the revenue is 16.3 billion. Motorola is one of the renowned businesses in the list of companies using AS400 and the company leverages AS 400 for various computing requirements.

2. FedEX

FedEx Corporation

FedEx Corporation is a multinational courier delivery services company known for its global shipping network and innovative logistics solutions. It is one of the known companies among the list of companies that use AS400 in the freight and logistic services industry. FedEx has around 520,000 employees and its revenue is 94.1 billion USD. FedEx uses AS 400 to run essential business processes such as package tracking, electronic COD, and electronic packaged data interchange.

3. Walmart


Walmart Inc. is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. Walmart is one of the top retail companies that use AS 400. It has 2,110,000 employees and its revenue is around 610.3 billion USD. Walmart uses AS 400 to smoothly process some of the business functions like handling sales data transactions, inventory management, and data processing requirements.

4. Mc Donalds

McDonald’s Corporation is a multinational fast-food restaurant chain that operates primarily on a franchise model, with over 90% of its restaurants worldwide owned and operated by independent franchisees and is one of the top companies that use AS 400 in the food industry. McDonald’s has around 150,000 employees and its revenue is 24 billion USD. The company leverages AS 400 to efficiently streamline day-to-day operations.

5. Coco Cola


The Coca-Cola Company is a multinational beverage corporation that operates in over 200 countries worldwide, with a vast distribution network that reaches billions of consumers. Coca-Cola’s product portfolio includes a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages and carbonated drinks. The revenue of Coco Cola is 39.73 billion USD and has around 100,000 employees. Coco Cola uses AS 400 to track day-to-day transactions effectively.

6. Infosys

Infosys Limited is an Indian multinational corporation that provides information technology, consulting, and outsourcing services. Infosys is a leading player in global IT services and is one of the top companies that use AS 400. It has around 350,000 employees and its revenue is more than 1000 million INR. Infosys services/solutions and AS 400 provide collaborative benefits to their customers.

7. Fujitsu Ltd

Fujitsu Limited is a Japanese multinational information and communications technology (ICT) company that offers a wide range of products and services in various domains, including IT services, hardware, software, cloud, AI, and networking. Fujitsu is one of the globally renowned companies in the list of companies using AS 400 and has around 126,471 employees with an annual revenue of 27.85 billion USD. The company uses AS 400 to seamlessly process large amounts of day-to-day data.

8. Panasonic Corp

Panasonic Corporation

Panasonic Corporation is a multinational electronics corporation that manufactures and sells a wide range of products and services across multiple sectors, including consumer electronics, home appliances, automotive solutions, and industrial solutions. Panasonic Corp is a renowned company that uses AS 400 in inventory management. The annual revenue of Panasonic Corp is 59.64 billion USD and it has around 233, 367 employees.

9. The Kraft Heinz Company

The Kraft Heinz Company

The Kraft Heinz Company is an American multinational food and beverage company that owns and markets a wide range of food and beverage brands across various categories like condiments and sauces, cheese and dairy, snacks, and beverages. The company revenue is around 26 billion USD and it has around 37,000 employees. The Kraft Heinz Company is one of the well-known businesses in the list of companies using AS 400 to effectively manage day-to-day transactions.

10. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is an American fashion house known for its minimalistic and aesthetic designs that offer a wide range of fashion collections, including apparel for men, women, and children, as well as accessories such as handbags, shoes, eyewear, and watches. It is also a top fashion brand in the list of companies using AS 400. The revenue of the company is 3.7 billion USD and has more than 1200 employees. The Calvin Klein Company leverages AS 400 to effectively manage its inventory and track sales.

How to Access the List of Companies Using AS 400?

The email list of companies using AS 400 can be a powerful tool for your business to implement various sales outreach and marketing activities. Businesses can get access to the email list of companies using AS 400 using the following ways:

  1. Website Opt-in Forms
  2. Social Media Sign-up Forms
  3. Contests and Giveaways
  4. Webinars and Workshops
  5. Lead Magnets (eBooks, Guides, Checklists)
  6. In-Person Events and Networking
  7. Online Advertising Campaigns
  8. Referral Programs
  9. Customer Surveys and Feedback Forms
  10. Purchase or Transactional Emails

The above are the various email list-building strategies that can be leveraged by businesses to build their own AS 400 users email list. However, implementing these strategies is a long-term process that demands in-house resources, and infrastructure.

One of the easiest ways to instantly access the list of companies using AS 400 is by purchasing the email list through a trusted database vendor. The reputed database vendors provide a compliance-safe email list that is updated and verified regularly.

Also, the purchased email list can be leveraged to implement various marketing campaigns as the email list will be customized and segmented according to your business objectives. So, the simplest way to access AS 400 Users email list is to purchase it from the trusted database vendors.


The email list of companies using AS 400 can be a game changer for your business and helps to achieve the highest deliverability rate, and conversions, and maximize ROI. However, it is crucial to choose the right database vendor who offers comprehensive database solutions to your business.

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