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Email List: The Smart Way to Stay Connected

How to transform campaign ROI using a list of Email Addresses

Let's have a look at some interesting email statistics:

  • Every 6 months, almost 17% Americans create new email ids
  • In the previous year, almost 44% recipients made at least one purchase from promotional emails
  • 89% of email marketers use email marketing as the primary channel for lead generation (Mailigen)
  • Emails that are relevant to the recipient can drive 18 times more revenue than generic emails

We mention them because we believe that awareness is necessary before action. 'Awareness' lies in the knowledge that email campaigns are necessary for the growth of your business; that email campaigns need to be rolled out intelligently; that though everyone reads emails, they only read those that are relevant to them.

'Action' on the other hand lies in being prompt about leveraging from opportunities and using targeted business email address as the answer for it!

At Span Global Services we believe that you are smart enough to leverage from opportunities that come your way. So why not buy email lists and make sure that you take the right steps to transform business success through planned email campaigns!

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If you want to chase big numbers, make sure to use our Email Database as your campaign tool

At Span Global Services we encourage our clients to purchase email marketing lists and use it intelligently for rolling our b2b and b2c campaigns. Email marketing is the most preferred form of communication, with over 82% marketers choosing emails to other form of communication. Apart from being cost-effective, far reaching, immediate and measureable, what makes email marketing a favorite is that when used appropriately it can deliver ROI of up-to 3800%! And those are very impressive numbers to chase!

With our email addresses list therefore, we create better marketing opportunities for the contemporary marketer. By performing regular updates and email appends on marketing lists, we make sure that data is a cause of celebration and not regret!

Some of the popular categories of our marketing lists include:

When you buy Business Email Data you make the conscious choice of being unique

Purchasing email lists for marketing has often been criticized. While some consider it to be the short-cut to get blacklisted, others consider it as a way to waste money. Truth being said, the very fact that email marketing is growing in popularity and the number of emails being sent every day is on the rise (the average business professional receives almost 121 emails every day) explains that email marketing is not dead and the only way to leverage from email marketing is to make sure that you have access to targeted email lists for sale!

As per Reuters, in the U.S. white-collar professionals spend almost 6.3 hours daily checking emails! While that might sound like an astounding number, it also means that this is the opportunity you are missing out on by not using emails as a form of communication. In fact, over 40% b2b marketers feel that email leads are of superior quality than leads from other channels. So, though purchasing targeted mailing lists are good for business, email marketing provides an alternative.

Moreover, email contact lists give marketers the option to send personalized communications - a fact that you can leverage from, considering personalized communications can increase open rates by 22.2%!

The B2B market is such that marketers are contesting for market position. Email marketing in this case is a smart and cost-effective way to seal position. So why not make the most of it? All you have to do is make your move and purchase b2b email list!

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"I haven't had the chance to really dig into the numbers, but so far my impression of the data we purchased from your organization was very good, email address that is. Also, Uvi's support has been excellent"

Director of Marketing

"It was a very pleasant experience to work with you, particularly with Peter. Not only the sales process was painless, but the quality of the data was mostly accurate. It was pleasantly surprising that you replaced hard bounces even when the percentage was under your guarantee promise. I look forward to work with you again."

Head of Marketing

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