Its Paramount to Update Email Database

Updating your existing database is not a Herculean task. Yet, using the same database for all your marketing campaigns is not a smart approach either. There comes a time, when your database – not just the quantity, but even the quality of your database holds the reign of success or failure of your investment. It’s […]

Doubling Down on the 3 Pillars of B2B Marketing Success

Tenzin Geychok August 26, 2014

If you thought that your existing database holds great potential for higher conversions, think again. B2B business leads decay more often than you think. Possessing a poor database is as good as not having it at all. If you are planning on your next marketing campaign, then take a look (detailed look) at your existing […]

Human Interference Plays a Bigger Role in Decoding Data

We are presently in the data-driven marketing era, where everything is driven by nothing but the ‘data’. With data by our side, we can target our niche audiences with higher precision. Data today has empowered us for a better understanding of our consumers. It’s solely the data which has helped us in understanding the consumer […]

Guide to leveraging a B2B sales funnel

Sales funnel model can perfectly fit B2C marketing but will fail to register well with a B2B model. This is because one doesn’t associate with individual leads in B2B marketing but with the company on the whole. A perfect B2B marketing cycle should have something which covers all the phases of a continuous, looping journey […]

Why has Dentistry lost its sheen?

Tenzin Geychok August 8, 2014

The stressful lifestyle we lead today has made us more vulnerable to oral diseases.  Dental care and oral health are something very rarely spoken about. While there are enough reasons to visit your Dentists, the irony is that the number of students opting to take up Dentistry as their core area of specialization is dropping […]

Investment in Data Quality: A Quality Investment

We have this conversation with marketers all the time. We keep explaining to them the flipside of cheap data, but it’s hard to convince. Our previous post ‘There’s no such thing called cheap data’ was one such attempt. If you are thinking about buying a cheap list, you are better off by just not using […]

Value of data: There’s no such thing as a cheap dataset

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and there’s no such thing called cheap data. Data vendors are in plenty today and the cost of data varies in abundance. Some of them offer you free data, some at exorbitant price, and some at extremely low price. As a buyer you would be tempted to […]