Why has Dentistry lost its sheen?


The stressful lifestyle we lead today has made us more vulnerable to oral diseases.  Dental care and oral health are something very rarely spoken about. While there are enough reasons to visit your Dentists, the irony is that the number of students opting to take up Dentistry as their core area of specialization is dropping at an alarming rate. In 2003, there were 4,443 U.S. dental school graduates — about the same level of graduates experienced during the early 1970s.

In such startling state, the need for sharing the latest innovations and breakthroughs among the existing Dentists becomes extremely important. The need for promoting the subject through young graduates and existing Dentists is significant. Innovations and events in this industry goes unnoticed most of the times. This could be because of the lack of connectivity among the peers.

Span Global Services can come for the rescue in such a case by providing a niche and targeted Dentists Mailing Lists to health professionals, program administrators, educators, policymakers, and others with the goal of improving oral health services for infants, children, adolescents, and their families.

One such major event happening shortly is the conference organized by the Latin American Association of Operative Dentistry from August 21 to 23, for the first time in Costa Rica. Over 56 international speakers from 18 countries such as Mexico and Patagonia will be sharing the latest advances in dental treatments here.

The conference is expected to cover topics like operative, endodontics, cosmetic, bio-technological advances and more. Most of the lecturers are professors from different universities throughout Latin America with the goal to train dentists and refresh their general knowledge. Events like these contribute a lot in taking Dentistry to a different level altogether.

Span Global Services can help in connecting all the Dentists with our specialized Dentists Mailing Lists. At one go, you can connect, prospect and contact over 37,802 dentists working in hospitals, clinics and primary care centers. All the information in this file is verified by our tele-verifiers and validated every 45 days. Each Dentists Mailing List in our database contains multiple contact information of the physicians. To know more about out email lists and other data related services leave your message here.

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