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  1. .Keep the memory organized – Having your files and documents organized is the key. Just because a main server has huge memory, it doesn’t mean that you save everything everywhere. No matter how large the memory capacity is, misallocation and duplication of data is probable. This can any day overload your server and bring it down. Make sure to keep it organized.
  2. Keep the queries in tune – Having a large server alone doesn’t allow you to store data to the fullest. Developers write codes that usually does a full-table scan. Ignoring these can speed up your system but will surely crash down the server at the same speed.
  3. Watch out for missing indexes – Missing indexes can cause trouble any time. If you want to function at a high speed, then you have to take certain precautionary efforts. Index the tables properly before you take any step further. When real users are hitting your production systems with millions and millions of queries per day, then missing indexes is a common thing.  If you don’t want your system to crash anytime, then this is a segment to watch.
  4. Use a reliable disk – You might not have noticed, but your list is building has grown beyond your calculation. When you use a single disk or a single mirrored disk, there is a huge roadblock, leading your database to disrupt your operating System. Also, upgrade your system to RAID-5 or RAID-10 at the earliest. To keep the performance from plummeting or crashing when a drive or two is lost, then use a fast and much reliable disk.
  5. Keep a track of all the document procedures and configurations – Database Administrators and Developers are usually poor at documenting their work. When you are not around or someone else is joining in, explaining everything without a database is as bad as stepping on a land mine. If you want your database to be stable, start documenting the procedures and configurations today.

These are the 7 basic tips (2 others were discussed in our previous post ‘Manage your database like a pro – Part 1’)which are extremely essential. You can ensure that your database is safe by following these tips, or choose a much simpler and safer database management options by using Span Global Services. Contact us to know more about our data management services.

Author - Sujith Kumar
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