Understanding data with human interventionWe are presently in the data-driven marketing era, where everything is driven by nothing but the ‘data’. With data by our side, we can target our niche audiences with higher precision. Data today has empowered us for a better understanding of our consumers.

It’s solely the data which has helped us in understanding the consumer behavior and given us an idea about the marketing spends.

So, are we taking the human intervention for granted? Why have we forgotten that data is only a medium, and it takes real people to understand and analyze.  It takes people to

  • Design a system
  • Organize data
  • Understand the limitation
  • Focus on data
  • Ask the right questions

It’s the insights driven by people and not machines that are essential in making data more actionable. While data is overtaking the human interference, here are few pointers to reiterate how human interference plays a bigger role in decoding data.

  1. You can never frame a problem with just the data – Use data to analyze, use humans to understand. Automated responses work well only in the initial stage. However, on the later stage these responses have to be accompanied by a detailed answer. You just cannot do away with auto generated replies all the time.
  2. Bigger is not always better – Bigger data also means that there is a bigger risk of finding false association, or conclusions that might not be relevant or actionable. A machine can find any number of answers, but it takes a human to distinguish treasure from trash.
  3. The truth is ‘everybody is lying’ – Most of the information volunteered by people are biased in some way or the other.  Especially when asked about a product or service review. These things can be resolved only with human intervention and not solely by a machine.

The bottom line is that, no matter what you are selling, unless you recite a great story, the conversion is difficult. Stories have emotions, and emotions connect! And we know that machines and robots cannot tell a great story.

According to data management decision-makers surveyed by Experian Data Quality in December 2013, contact data was the most important aspect for marketing success, followed by sales and demographic data. But there’s a host of information still available which are not translated into actual business terms. For better conversion, hire more resources to work with your data, or get in touch with Span Global Services. We can provide customized data or translate them and make them work for you through our data-driven marketing strategies. Contact us now, and get human with your data.

Author - Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson Author at Span Global Services Assistant General Manager has a 12 year track record in marketing analysis, business strategy and online brand development. His expertise has enabled various organizations protect their online brand footprints. An avid traveler, he is determined to learn new languages and uncover the secrets of how successful people and companies communicate.

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