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Email Appending Services

Email Appending Services

Revamp your database by Appending Emails with us!

Business expansion through b2b email marketing is impossible without having the right email addresses in hand. If you opt for email appending and partner with us at Span Global Services then we will revamp your email database in minimum market time and provide you with the latest email address data of your targeted decision makers and marketing professionals.

The future of b2b marketing communication seems to be immensely bright. Several trends such as globalization, continuous investments in research and development, newer techniques of multi-channel communication, product proliferation, and audience engagement through personalized content are the key drivers for b2b markers in lead generation. But most b2b marketers fail to leverage from these scopes as they don’t have access to the right email data. Buy an email list from Span Global Services or append your email data file with us. Revamp your list to make the most out of present market opportunities.

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Why Span Global Services?

The business decision makers you are trying to reach work in different sectors and geographies across the world. If you wish to avail our e-appending solutions, then specifying your specific requirements pertaining to geographical location, specialty etc. could aid you in getting the most useful and customized data from our master database. We match your requirements to our database & deliver the most apt contact email leads to help you get maximum returns on your campaign investment.

The effectiveness of email appending is beyond any doubt. But you need to partner with the right company to get appended emails that will give you good campaign returns. Here is how you can benefit from email appending if you partner with Span Global Services-

  • We provide Industry-High Match Rate of 70%
  • We secure 95% email marketing deliverability by providing Opt-in email addresses only
  • You will get better conversions in minimum market time
  • Drive your sales by accessing the most accurate email marketing data
  • You have to pay only for successful Appends

Span Global Services’ segmented master list will help you with updated details on the active and prospective email accounts. With the best email addresses appending service in industry, we will help you tailor your marketing strategies to reach the right audience and achieve higher sales. So partner with us and prospect your targets with channelized campaigns to foster global growth.

How does Email Appending work?

Why wait any longer? Spark up your marketing campaigns with the most actionable email append & acquire qualified email leads that boost your sales revenue. Put a rocket under your campaign growth plan by using data that get your email campaigns delivered to the right inboxes. We will help design your marketing strategies to reach the right market segment and achieve higher sales effortlessly. Give your marketing a competitive edge by opting for Span Global Services’ highly responsive marketing intelligence solutions.

Here is how the e-mail appending services work-

Email Appending

Span Global Services provides accurate & verified contacts that are vital to marketers to launch targeted email marketing campaigns. With our email append best practices connect with key business professionals and decision makers in globally reputed companies & win profitable deals.

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Types of email appending service we provide

There is more than one type of email appending services present in Span Global Services. Whatever you require to improve your in-house data quality- we are here to help you with that.

Business email appending: Use company names, postal addresses and other data on business decision makers, marketing experts and IT professionals to acquire their email addresses and append them in your list.

Consumer email appending: Match your list of consumers’ data (name, postal address, etc.) and get opt-in consumer email addresses through e-append.

Reverse email appending: If you have email address of your prospects, but your list lacks other important data like name, postal information, company details, etc. then acquire that through reverse email appending.

appending services

A good marketer always plan campaigns based on statistical data, research and analytics. Research is something that you cannot ignore while campaigning for your audience. You need to know them first. Developing personalized email content is only possible if you know your prospective customers well and their purchase behaviors. But sending personalized emails will not bring any result if you don’t get the right email addresses to use. And this is where Span Global Services will help you with cost-effective email list appending of all kind.

How does it benefit your business?

In order to increase customer base, one requires an effective multichannel marketing effort. If you want to promote your brand through multi-channel marketing you can get a compact mailing list from us to empower your campaigns. We will provide you with updated & responsive Contact lists segmented in multiple fields such as full names, email addresses, direct phone numbers, social media profile details etc. But purchasing email lists often strains the budget. In that case, we suggest you to go for appending your emails. With Span Global Services, you can upgrade your marketing data for better targeting & efficient campaigns and get better visibility in the global b2b market.

So hurry up and step up your revenue with Span Global Services' opt-in & deliverable b2b email appending services. We know that there's a huge competitive world out there that is willing to append your contacts at throwaway prices. We, on the other hand, aim to stay ahead of competition by providing email contact data that is not only accurate but also highly responsive and deliverable. So make the smart move now and improve your brand visibility worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Email Appending is a marketing practice that involves taking customer data and matching it with the vendors database in order to obtain email addresses. In essence, it involves adding an email address to an existing list. It is cost effective and ideal for generating revenue through email marketing.

Span Global Services offers unmatched email appending services like b2b email appending, reverse email appending, telephone appending and contact appending to list a few. Our email appending best practices help marketers to connect with key decision makers and professionals

Email appending is carried out in a very meticulous manner. Email appending entails inclusion of missing business email addresses to the corporate mailing database in order to enhance the lists for optimal campaigns.

Once you opt for email appending services and partner with us at Span Global Services we will work towards revamping your existing email list. We provide accurate and recent email addresses of niche audience base. Knowing the customer data, we will append email addresses from the vendor database and enhance your existing list.

At Span Global Services we understand the importance of verified b2b data and go the extra mile to append email addresses. Span Global Services has assisted marketers in the past who have always come back to invest in our email appending services. We help marketers leverage business and revamp an existing list with our impeccable yet affordable email appending services.

Email Appending is the process of updating or adding a missing email address into your existing customers record to improve your email marketing metrics.

  • Use opt-in data to connect with individuals who are interested in hearing from you
  • Update your records regularly
  • Send appended list from a different IP
  • Know your vendors track records and inquire about how they handle bounces, unsubscribes and grievances

When new data is added to your existing customers list it will enhance your companies customer files. You can reach your existing and prospects faster. You can build business relations. With our accurate and permission passed updated data you will not have failed campaigns.

Email Appending will help generate more leads for faster conversions and maximizes ROI. It can also enhance your business communication.

Companies often collect raw customers information on their clients such as phone numbers, emails, or addresses. The data is verified to remove incorrect data to make it error free and then matched with our master file. We then add only opt-in data to the email list. We then send a welcome mail to check the deliverability of the data. It is then sent to your email address for you to download.

  • It will connect you with relevant customers through email
  • You can save money by reducing direct mail expenditure
  • Update it to maintain quality
  • This improve accuracy and overall value of data
  • Helps increase campaign response rates and conversion rates
  • Grows your business and expand market reach

Email Appending follows a very simple principle of using known customer data and searching out the corresponding email list from vendors database. This essentially revamps the customers existing list and boosts b2b mailing databases and campaign returns.

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