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Event Management Services

Event Marketing

Let your event generate interest, leads, ROI and create an experience for your audience!

B2B events are a great opportunity to meet customers, prospects and widen the scope of your business reach. At Span Global Services, our event marketing services adopt result-driven strategies, to help you enhance audience engagement and translate your event into an experience. Here’s how our event marketing services help you:

  • By Analyzing and identifying the target market
  • By Creating and sending customized invitations
  • By Building a website for the event
  • By Running ad campaigns for registrations
  • By Crafting social media plans for various social media networks
  • By Engaging people in all social media networks relevant to your industry
  • By Recording the interests of attendees and their activities during the event
  • By Acquiring prospects for your company at the event

Event Marketing

Be it a trade show or a conference or a seminar or a summit, our event management services ensure you connect with your audience, convert awareness to interest and record and append prospect lists.

Stay above the noise, stand out in the crowd and create an experience to generate leads and gain ROI. Find out how Span Global Services can help in making your events eventful, connect with our experts at 877-837-4884 for a free one-on-one consultation or email us at

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