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Data Appending

Data Appending Services

How to fill the gaps in your database

Database hygiene decides the success of your campaign. An appended database enables you to reach potential customers at the right time. At Span Global Services, data appending is opted-in and permission-based to help increase your campaign effectiveness.

What is the point of a huge database when the results from it are small? Go beyond size and consider quality, accuracy, relevancy, currency and overall health of data; if you want your database to work for you!

Here’s how our data appending services can benefit you:

  • Connect with customers relevantly, online and offline
  • Reduce data management costs by maintaining quality
  • Improve accuracy, currency, relevancy and overall value of data
  • Increase campaign response rates

Fill in the gaps in your database, with our niche appending services:

Don’t let data attrition dampen the power of your database. Keep it fresh, keep it relevant and keep it ethical! Find out how Span Global Services can help improve database quality, connect with our experts at877-837-4884 for a free one-on-one consultation or email us at

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