Are You Struggling to Find New Business Because Your Lead Generation is Stalled Due to Lack of Accurate Customer Information?

You have come to the right place to advance your lead sourcing and IT & tech install targeting.

Let's Find Out if You are One of the Following:

Relevant Recipients

If you are a marketer and know your top customer accounts and their postal addresses but are unable to find email IDs of relevant recipients.

Humanly Verified

If you want to automatically find out the email addresses existing of all your contacts and make sure that the inboxes are humanly verified.

Refreshed Data

If you want to ensure that verified and updated email lead data is refreshed often so that you can be sure that the email campaigns don’t bounce off.

Whatever your customer intelligence challenges, consider them solved! Experience the best customer intelligence on-demand with our superior data mining capabilities.

The industry average to match and refresh the database stands at an average of 90 days. At Span Global services, we undertake data refresh at regular intervals of every 45 days.

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Data Appending

Roadmap to Advancing Your Lead Sourcing with Accurate Lead Data Appending

We begin by feeding your data into our dynamic match-making engine and lead filter.

We compare your lead information with our Billion+ growing customer records.

Our experts perform manual mining of relevant records matching your needs.

Our data de-duplication experts check for duplicate data and weed out double entries.

Data cleaning ensures any incorrect spellings and sequences stand corrected and made usable.

Locations are accurately traced along with email contact data of decision makers.

Along with basic email information insights on IT intent andtech installs is added.

The phone numbers of decision makers and the direct dials of the organization are sourced.

You can also procure behavioral insights of your customers fromsocial profiles and online interests.

Don’t Just Stop at Matching Email Addresses with Current Company Address

That’s the easier part.

Now you can also identify anonymous web users. Trace back to their current email IDs and IPs with accuracy.

With our proven data analyzing skills, you can now identify and build a complete picture of your ideal customer. You can also attribute them tothe different online and offline channels that they frequently visit.

Take a Free Trial of Our Data Appending Services

You can upload a sample data that you want to cleanse or append. Our data team matches millions of requests with 1 Billion unique records.

Our data contains lead data insights and covers complete market intelligence.

Apart from email contacts and phone numbers you get insights from 110+ intelligence fields.


Finding the right data can be
complicated, so we are here to help