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Span Global Services Refund Policy

Our List collection and verification process is unique and not as of any other list compilers. Because, each of the lists we source is owned by distinct list owners and followed by triple verification process by email, phone and social media. As such, each set comes with different guarantees.

Alongside, fresh data also degrades as much as 6% a month due to businesses breakdown with the rate of changes accelerating over time. We take modern figures to revive that data being “updated consistently.”


Our 100% satisfaction guarantee for lead solution is worth a reason!

We guarantee that with every purchase, you get a delivery rate as guaranteed in the contract or you will receive a quick resolution for any bad data found and refund for any database portion of emails that bounces or is outdated, undelivered or disconnected*.

After obtaining your list, if bad data exceeds even by 8%, you will receive the fund back quick by $0.30 beyond that percentage.

*All guarantee rates are specified in the work order and as such, this refund policy will be applicable in accordance to it. All returned mails must be postmarked to our address within 30 days of commencement of purchase. Each purchase allows for only one refund. Lists purchased for fax and email purposes are not covered. Span Global Services reserves the right to verify the validity of the purchase at all times. Maximum refund value shall not exceed the original purchase value, including taxes. If the addressee refuses mail pieces that contain the accurate address, such cases will not be entertained for the purpose of refund. Exclusive coverage of the refund policy holds good for data from Span Global Services only. Lists that contain, in full or partial, data from third party or brokered data is not covered under this policy The right to close this guarantee without notice rests exclusively with Span Global Services.

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