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When you are a B2B marketer, time is the most precious (and scarce) resource. So, why spend long hours compiling a contact database from scratch? And that's not all; you have the laborious tasks of verifying, updating, and maintaining it.

Span Global Services is here to save the day with a faster, easier, and smarter way to execute data-driven marketing. Save your time and resources, channel your efforts into running campaigns, and don't worry about data.

Deliver Your Marketing Messages to The Top Investors Globally

Our comprehensive investor database contains 100% accurate information on over 100K+ angel investors, investment partners, and venture capitalists worldwide. Every investor profile includes rich data fields like their investment interests, industry, location, and complete contact information.

To help you refine your campaigns with granular precision, we have segmented our records by investment focus, previous investments, investment type, and region. So, you can pinpoint the most relevant prospects for your offerings just by taking a look!


How Our Personalized Database Puts You Above the Competition

The competitive B2B marketing world is about HOW you connect with your prospects. Personalizing your marketing campaigns is the top priority. So, customize your marketing messages and increase your brand's appeal.

Our well-vetted database enables you to locate active investors in your desired industries and fit your target profile based on title, location, exit count, and more. All contact information in our database is pre-verified, pre-segmented, easily deployable, and sales-ready.

You can access over 500K+ venture capital and private equity partners, directors, and managers. Explore a wealth of relevant data fields like full names, titles, professional emails, business phone numbers, and investment stages, like the following:

High Deliverability Guaranteed With 100% Verified Lists

Every record in our investor database undergoes a thorough data verification process to ensure that every contact is a qualified lead. We have the statistics to back up any marketing effort, no matter its need or nature.
Connect with top investing decision-makers and all specialist profiles that can hugely impact your company's growth. Increase the number of relevant and readily converting investor leads in your sales pipeline.

Some Of Our Popular Mailing Lists For Investors Include The Following



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