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With our new partner, database deliveries become more secure, fast and universally accessible. Get the Ampliz advantage!

Our Delivery Partner - Ampliz Logo

What is Ampliz?

Ampliz is an end-to-end database management solutions provider.

The platform provides...

  • Business Email Append
  • Email Validation & Verification
  • Data Enrichment
  • Database Hosting

With its one-stop solution for all essential data-driven services by your side, data purchases become a lot easier.

Why am I reading this?

Because your acquired data just received the Ampliz advantage!

Ampliz is now the delivery partner for Span Global Services. All services and/or data products you purchase from Span Global Services will be delivered through the trusted platform.

  • It's safe!
  • It's optimized!
  • It's real-time!

And being Cloud-based, the platform gives you secure access to your data via any valid CRM log-ins. Consult-Buy-Get - your database purchases now are that simple!


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