Find Accurate Lead Data To Measure Your Total Addressable Market

Calculate market potential by measuring
the most promising territories and active decision makers.

Your Total Market Potential Is Now Measurable & Achievable

Find qualified leads that make your total addressable market.

You have scoured the web to find your most prospective buyers. You are yet able to reach on a small proportion of the target market. There are many potential customers whom you are still missing out due to lead leakage. There are existing customers whom you are unable to re-connect and re-activate due to bad data.

Our Total Addressable Market Solution experts can now show you how to grow your market share with accuracy.

Design a perfect strategy with accurate lead data to go from your present capitalization to grow and reach over 90% of your total market.

Find out about the segments or customer groups and analyze user behavior and purchase intent to personalize offerings.

Your Marketing Dollars Are Most Valuable

This is how you can drive bigger bang for your bucks!

How can our data experts help?

pre-segmented lead data

Calculate your market reach before making big budget B2B marketing plans.

pre-segmented lead data

Probe if you can find pre-segmented lead data that’s waiting to be tapped.

trends and buying behavior

Find out about the trends and buying behavior of your target audience.

prospective customers

Know if your most prospective customers are eager to hear from you.

You are running the race blindfolded without measuring the market potential of your total buyer universe.

Big Budget

Thinking of an outbound or inbound sales plan?

Stop running the race blindfolded without measuring your total buyer universe.

Data Hygiene

Identify Your Target Market To Maximize Revenues

Identify how many target customers exist in the market.

Calculate the total market size of your prospects with Span Global Services data experts.


Find out where your target audience exists and grow with speed.

Reach out to the right audiences where they exist and grow your footprint at rocket-speed.

Total buyer intent

Calculate the total buyer intent of any target market and then proceed on your next step.

expert advice

Seek our expert advice to launch lead generation campaigns for every potential segment.


Launch multi-channel campaigns to reach sales targets and strategic business objectives.

hyper-personalized messages

Reach every segment with unique hyper-personalized messages to drive higher engagement.

Are You Able To Measure Your Market Potential With Accuracy?

Identify. Reach. Convert

Target your total market buyers and solution seekers accurately.

Here’s what you can achieve with us:

  • Set practical & achievable goals
  • Identify new avenues of revenue
  • Calculate total potential revenue
  • Forecast customer behavior
  • Speed-up B2B lead generation

Now is the time to garner your competitive advantage & optimize your sales pipeline with high quality leads.

Size up and segment your TAM in-depth with the help of our industry leading lead generation experts. Speak with our data experts who manage the world’s best B2B data and super charge your growth.

Data Hygiene


Finding the right data can be
complicated, so we are here to help