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When it comes to machine learning, data cleansing services (or cleaning) are paramount, as these ensure the delivery of highly-relevant and fruitful information. This is undeniably advantageous for email marketers, as accurate data automatically translates to better-yielding ROIs.

Data clensing plays a critical role in building a machine learning model, which ultimately provides insights for any campaign. However, it hardly gets any praise and is not often discussed, despite it being one of the most essential jobs for data scientists who spend immense effort on it.

At Span Global Services, we believe that data should be clean, green, and lean. To that aid, we provide you data that is free of errors as in clean, fresh, which means it’s green, and relevant to your business requirements, as in lean. A total win-win-win!

Is your business in need of data scrubbing services? If so, then we provide the best ones, helping you acquire verified data that is easier to use and store effectively. As such, your job becomes more convenient since you can use such credible statistics to make the most informed business decisions.

Improved quality is reflected in updated marketing data, which shows performance. You may have a suitable database stored and arranged, and you may have a calendar set up to follow your marketing strategies based on it, but did you realize that B2B data degrades at a rate of 2.1% every month? That suggests the data in your repository is likely outdated or about to become obsolete. Therefore, your data must be clean and healthy, free of any inaccuracies, in order to target the appropriate prospects at the right time and in the right way.

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Give Your Marketing Campaigns a Clear Direction with Our CRM Data Cleansing Solutions

Marketers often chase clean data as they can be a powerhouse for any marketing campaign. While that can be tedious, you can expedite the process by simply partnering with Span Global Services. Our data cleaning and data scrubbing will furnish you with the industry-best solutions, reviving your database and increasing its relevancy tenfold.

As a leading data provider, we have made a name in the industry by proving lucrative and quality data. Thus, we pride ourselves on providing CRM data cleansing solutions that help our clients reap maximum rewards from their campaigns, using cleansed insights to conduct no-nonsense email marketing.

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Data Accuracy


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Benefits of Availing Data Hygiene Services from Span Global Services

Free Trial
Free Trial

Free trial offered with all the functionalities and services.

Improved Decision Making
Improved Decision Making

With data deterioration eliminated, better campaign decisions are made.

Faster Turnaround
Faster Turnaround

A rapid and effective method of cleansing within set deadlines.

Improved ROI
Improved ROI

Improved conversion rate and revenue in a short span.

Cost Effective – Time Efficient
Cost Effective – Time Efficient

Faster outreach to interested prospects saves both time and cost.

Data Security
Data Security

Elimination of unauthorized access by following stringent security measures.

Get Rid of Dead Information and Manage Unwanted Outliers

As the amount of data increases, so does the possibility of errors. Every year, most leading companies in the US spend truckloads of money on ‘bad’ or ‘dirty data.’ This consists of inaccuracies, typing errors, misplaced entries, etc. Since data keeps changing, missing out on updating it is highly-probable and detrimental.

Hence, we believe in optimizing our data management processes and boosting consistency with our data quality services. We use data quality techniques, tools, and technology to help you get the best ROI through lucrative marketing. Since we outsource CRM Data Cleansing Services to ensure efficiency and speed, there is hardly any room for error.

How does Data Cleansing Work?

Data Cleansing Process

We Can Help You Care for Your Most Valuable Business Asset

Data quality determines how effective your decision-making can be. Thus, data is the most valuable business asset that requires your utmost attention. At Span Global Services, we help you manage, correct, delete, validate, modify, organize and format data from various fields and across different databases.

Our data cleaning services guarantee high operational efficiency and reduce costs spent correcting bad data. Furthermore, we utilize them to deliver top-quality data solutions. During our vigorous data cleaning and data scrubbing services, we highlight vital information for our clients’ convenience.

What does all this accrue to you? Well, you invest in a competitive edge to overtake your competitors and rise above. Therefore, if you want your business to flourish, invest in Span Global Services’ data hygiene services and witness the power of clean insights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Data cleansing is the process of identifying and correcting data inconsistencies, missing values, and outliers to make your data more accurate. Data cleansing solutions ensure that data is error-free, and is abiding by guidelines. Cleansing data helps you maximize the deliverability of your campaigns.

Data cleansing works by removing inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the data with human-verified intelligence and algorithm-based solutions. With CRM data cleansing services, inconsistences and inaccurate data are mapped with a larger data set from credible sources to append it with the most recent, accurate, and contextually relevant data.

We use both manual and AI automated methods to cleanse data. This enables us to fix incorrect data as part of the B2B data cleansing requirement. We then segment the data and scrub duplicates in the process. This is followed by a stringent validation drive where the data is checked for accuracy.

It is only by analyzing your specific situation we can conclude the amount that can be allocated for the tasks such as CRM data cleansing. This includes the number of records and fields in each record, the age of the records, the file systems, and the degree of cleaning required.

We have been providing data services for a slew of Fortune 500, Fortune 1000 clients and SME’s. We have over 800 people dedicated to continuous data collection and verification processes. With all these credentials, we help you leverage the best data cleaning services.

We have got you covered at every step of the data discovery journey while we help you meet your B2B data cleansing needs. Call us at (877) 755-0023 for a free one-on-one consultation or book your appointment for a free lead insights session Schedule A Call with Our Expert. You can also email us at [email protected].


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