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Our library of resources and insights has been designed to give you a substantial advantage in digital marketing. Learn more about our services and how we can create a climate of change for your business and lead you forward towards scaling up processes and achieve revenue targets.


White Papers

  • Growing with GDPR
  • Activate passive readers
  • CRM ROI Optimization
  • Personalization Effectiveness
  • Streamline your marketing database strategy
  • List building leading marketers first Love
  • How to Reach IT Buyers Across Industries
  • guide and discover techniques
  • 3 revival optimizations for stale lists
  • Email Deliverability
  • Predictive Analysis for Technology Industry
  • How to Bridge Communication Gaps between Chief Marketers and Web developers
  • Expanding Lead Generation through Websites
  • Database Segmentation Tune Your Database to Create Niche Markets
  • Data Cleansing, Quality & Enrichment Clean up Your Data Act or Face the Consequences
  • 7 Easy Steps to Create an Effective Email Marketing Plan
  • Don't Let Your Precious Customers Trickle Away
  • Lead Generation through Email Marketing - Emailing up the ladder


  • Why is data licensing critical for your business
  • 42 Troubleshooting Solutions to Your Toughest Marketing Concerns
  • The lure of adidas blog graphic
  • Antidotes to spark your database strategy for 2017
  • Data Appending to detox your prospects
  • SMB Game Plan Decoded for Technology Marketers
  • Benefits of data licensing
  • Technology Marketing Blues
  • 5 Content Drills for Email Marketing
  • Beat Your Competition With Email Appending Edge
  • Customer Data Analytics
  • Big data insights to transform B2B lead generation-Data driven marketing
  • Ten point Checklist How to assess your database marketing agency
  • Strategies that help you to grow your Email List
  • Improve your data quality: Cleanse your data
  • Stop trashing your email campaign:
  • Go paperless, switch to email appending
  • Data management trends.
  • Scrub Your Email List to Increase Your Email Marketing Effectiveness in 2015
  • Data management sees an upsurge, but there will be challenges
  • If Bad Data is Like Credit Card, How to Do Away with Them
  • 6 Email Marketing Resolutions to Consider
  • Why Data Verification matters in the business world
  • Why is it important to find the right data solution
  • The Art and Science of Business Probability
  • Customer database
  • Deploy from the real benefits of email campaign tracking
  • Customer database
  • Make Email Work with Multichannel Marketing
  • Choosing the right partner for your data validation needs
  • Redefine your Digital Marketing Strategies in the tech-drenched World


  • How to get technologies Social
  • The purchased list lead generation guide
  • Generate leads for the tech industry 6 STAGE GUIDE
  • Webinars the Next Best Incentive for Email List Building
  • The Holy Grail of Customer Database Managements
  • 6 fabulous ways to do a data revamp: Win back your customers
  • 14 ways to cut your bounce rate: Reduce exit-rate for your webpage
  • Reduce your bounce rate: 11 things to remember
  • Bounce-proof your email-marketing campaigns
  • know your customers Get most of your data
  • 4 Steps to Use Data and Orchestrate your Email Marketing
  • The 7 proven strategies to convert website traffic into leads
  • Foolroof
  • Best Practices for Content Marketing
  • The mathematics behind lead scoring
  • Make the Most of Your Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Business Driven | Revenue Driven
  • B2B �Bot� To Business - Part 1
  • B2B �Bot� To Business - Part 2
  • A Potential Lead = Potency of Converting to Customers
  • Opportunities for Resellers - Grow Your Business Loyalty Revenue
  • Social Media Success Kit

Case Studies

  • Case Study
  • Data-Solutions-for-Cloud-Based-Communications-Industry
  • 656-leads-in-9-days
  • 56% improvement in conversion rate
  • Event Marketing Case Study
  • Marketing Success with Right Content
  • The-Brand-Experience
  • IT giant gets needed Data Intelligence to Optimize Business Performance
  • How automated lead nurturing increased sales for a UK Enterprise
  • How an IT consultancy company improved their ROI from email campaigns and data hygiene solution

Process Documents

  • Email Appending Process � At a Glance!
  • Data Appending
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Varification Process
  • Phone Appending Process
  • Social Media Appending

Corporate Brochure

  • Marketing Solution
  • Event Marketing
  • The Complete Marketing & Technology Provider

Our Capabilities

  • 36 Business Solutions Span Global Services
  • View Our Capabilities
  • A Complete Package of Data Management products from Span Global Services

Industry Solutions

  • Marketing Solutions For The M&A Industry
  • Marketing Solutions For Channel Marketers


  • AIDE
  • The Current Landscape of B2b Event Marketing
  • The HNI data hive
  • The anniversary gift analogy
  • If sales were fruit
  • B2B attendees list
  • Establishing IT Buyer Journeys
  • Trusted Buyer Read
  • 5 step campaign optimization
  • 10 database indicators
  • 5 step campaign optimization
  • Repeat Business
  • How to sell by not selling
  • Our Data Build Process
  • Our Data Build Process
  • Email Validation
  • Healthy Opens Wealthy Campaigns
  • Who got me on his email list
  • 10 Tips & Actions To Land In Your Prospect's Inbox
  • A Preschooler's Guide To Make Rocking Web Content

Marketing tools

  • roi
  • roi

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