7 Signs Your Technology Mailing List is Growing

“When I was a kid, it felt like they made something new every day… Like every day was Christmas.” –          Donald (Interstellar) We are living this future. As we speak, someone somewhere in this wide world is working on a new technology to make our lives better. In business, automation technologies have changed the paradigm […]

9 Email Marketing KPIs to Choose Tech Prospects

A good salesperson can sell refrigerators to Eskimos. A smart one chooses not to. Todays’ technology buyers are open to huge number of choices online. And they consult with as many as possible before going to any real purchase decision. Technology marketers follow suit and design personalized products, campaigns and strategy to woo in clients. […]

5 Not-So-Best Technology Marketing Practices that Actually Paid Off Last Year

Know your customer. Surround your technology marketing strategy around them. Then you ask: How? Like every year, you are probably scraping the answers from thousands of “Current Trends…”, “Best Practices…” and what-not “…Article for this New Year” on the net. Rummaging do-it-yourself marketing solutions from secondary (read: others’) internet resources has become a best practice […]

6 Subscription Form Optimization for Email Marketing Services

Newsletter > CTA > Landing Page > Registration Form Email > CTA > Landing Page > Opt-in/Registration/Sign-up Form Website > Random Page > Subscription Form Offer CTA > Landing Page > Offer Registration Form… Try out a zillion combinations. All digital marketing page-flows will end up in one lead capture form or the other. There […]

How Technology Marketing Will Change in 2016

Economic turmoil, terrorist attacks, and the States’ defunding on Planned Parenthood later, you might feel your average year went pretty disappointing. Well, we all have our whines and groans to carry forward to the New Year. Looking towards the technology market on the other side, you might find a different story altogether. Leaving out a […]