3 Signs your Email Marketing Program isn’t Working

3 Signs your Email Marketing Program isn’t Working

Name the most efficient marketing platforms for growing your audience, nurturing business leads, and driving sales? Most of the marketers, especially in the B2B sector, would vouch for Email Marketing. It’s naturally quite upsetting when email marketing campaigns are ineffective or falling apart. As marketers, we’re busy with our daily errands of running the department. […]

Perfect Timing: The Very Best Time to Send Email Promotions

Perfect Timing: The Very Best Time to Send Email Promotions

We are all living busy lives. We have endless work to do and are often preoccupied with it. So when you send promotional emails, you want your audience to have the time and mental peace to consume the content you’ve sent. Although quality and design of your emails have a paramount contribution in making or […]

Mobile Marketing Necessary for Business

Who could predict, that the mobile phone devices industry at large would give a run for the money to industries like Cameras, watches etc. There is a paradigm shift in the thought process of owning devices. Mobile devices were introduced as a basic necessity for connecting people on the go. With the increase in the […]

How Data Analytics Can Transform Your Business

Far gone are the days when data analytics was just a luxury item. Now it is a necessary tool for survival. Most businesses despite having crucial data neither act on it nor make an impact on the bottom line. Businesses are not just using data, they are exploiting it. Businesses which are not taking any […]

Print ads trump digital ads.Here’s what you need to do about it

Let’s begin with a look at internet based ad revenues for the year 2012, (2013 stats not out yet, which we are sure will be awesome!). Digital ad spending reached a total of $100 billion in 2012, which makes up nearly 20% of all ads spends.  North America as always leads the pack with $179.3 […]

2014 and what to expect- Digital wise

2014 is upon is and it is time to take a collective breath and start creating plans and filling up marketing calenders. 2013 has been a crowning year in terms of digital marketing. Social media in particular has set revenue boards on fire world over, with some brands winning in epic ways at doing social […]

Here comes Dreamforce 2013

  Span Global Services is ready to attend Dreamforce and this time at San Francisco on November 18, 2013. We are excited to join the large tribe of Salesforce users, and participate in various breakout sessions during the event. It’s also a chance to get hands-on training, and network with the thought leaders of the event. […]

Why B2B Marketers are Gaga Over Content Marketing

  With content marketing going rounds in the B2B marketing circles, it’s natural for all of us to join the tribe. The growth, and adoption of content marketing circle is clear from all the marketing reports. So, how can you untilize content marketing vechile to pique the interest of prospects and customers. Here’re few practical […]

The Perfect Antidote to Lead Churn

The report from MarketingSherpa shows clear evidence on the power and efficacy of lead nurturing program. Despite the overwhelming evidence of lead nurturing, many B2B companies are still buying time to implement it. Companies and brands are using atomated lead nurturing program are able to track leads, send timely messages and qualify for conversion. Here’re […]

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