Phone Appending Services

” Are you struggling with incorrect or missing phone numbers of your customers?
” Is bad phone numbers in your database, hurting your productivity?

Most B2B marketers frequently face problems with wrong information in customer’s file. The incorrect numbers, or outdated phone numbers results in the wastage of your sales reps time and hurts the productivity. Only way out is through regular phone number updation.

Updating Phone Records – Made Easy
At Span Global Services, we provide quick, efficient and guaranteed phone append service to our clients. This service is used by companies who have fewer resources or time to update customer information. When we get a phone append request from our client, we ensure high-quality through automated and manual verification.

Our phone appending service helps you to:

  • Quickly updated phone numbers in your customer file
  • Generate more leads through telemarketing campaigns
  • Improve business relationship with customers
  • Connect with past customers
  • Reduce marketing cost and improve performance

Best aspect of phone appending service is that it’s risk-free for you. Before the start of every phone append project, we discuss with the client, the probable percentage of appends. This is done by checking the file, and the quality of data provided to us.

To learn more about our updating your phone database, we request you to talk to our experts at 877-837-4884. Also, we provide FREE append for 25 records.

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