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During our interaction with our clients, we often help marketers improve the current marketing program. As a starting point, we help them set the objective, prepare the marketing work-flow, and also to measure the final output.

Based on our experience in marketing, we’ve created Top 15 points for you to access your marketing.

Top 15 Questions to access your marketing program

  1. Who constitutes your target market? (Identify markets by priority?
  2. What makes your product or service special? (unique factor)
  3. Do you have multiple products or service?
  4. Describer each product or service and respective benefits (Why customers keep coming back)
  5. Where is your key profit centre? (product or service)
  6. What is the average lifetime value of your customer?
  7. What percentage of your sales is from repeat business?
  8. Do you have a customer acquisition policy?
  9. Do you follow a marketing calendar?
  10. What is the marketing mix you follow?
  11. Do you have a process to store, manage and update customer or prospect information?
  12. How many leads do you generate through from each marketing channels?
  13. How often do you send email campaigns?
  14. Do you track the response of each campaign?
  15. What is the frequency of your email marketing program?

Final Note…

No two email programs are same, so will be the questions. The questions given above will help you to evaluate your email marketing program, and improvise them. Besides this, it will help you discover you can evolve in the fast changing market space.

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