Having unclean data is like owning a Ferrari without possessing a Driver’s License

Keeping communication lines open and active with   customers are few of the best ways to achieve business success. Customer is ultimately the king in any business and customer responsiveness can make or break the future of your business. This makes customer data one of the most essential assets to build as part of your […]

10 Subject Lines that Best Utilized the Power of Data

We all know the importance of personalizing emails to yield greater response. But personalizing the emails doesn’t end at addressing your recipient by their first names. The chunk of customer data opens up plethora of opportunities in personalization. Check out this list of subject lines that best utilized the power of data. 1. Chad, 118 […]

How to Choose an Effective Direct Mailing List

In this world of electronic media, it is quite easy to establish a business; but accomplishing the target and milestones that you set for yourself can be overwhelming. You might need to get in touch with thousands of sure-fire prospects. Buying a mailing list is the best available option in today’s market. Zeroing in on […]

5 Tips for Turning Big Data to Big Success – Part 2

A report from Forrester Research reveals that over 45% of big data deployments are for marketing. However, this doesn’t mean that Marketing should own marketing data and technology all by itself. The marketing teams should recognize the skills IT brings to big data technology choices and deployment. It hence becomes more important for the CMOs […]

Investment in Data Quality: A Quality Investment

We have this conversation with marketers all the time. We keep explaining to them the flipside of cheap data, but it’s hard to convince. Our previous post ‘There’s no such thing called cheap data’ was one such attempt. If you are thinking about buying a cheap list, you are better off by just not using […]

Learn How to Manage Database Like a Pro – Part 2

.Keep the memory organized – Having your files and documents organized is the key. Just because a main server has huge memory, it doesn’t mean that you save everything everywhere. No matter how large the memory capacity is, misallocation and duplication of data is probable. This can any day overload your server and bring it […]

Email spam is breaking through again. Here’s what you can do

SPAM laws are subject to change; and so are SPAM filters(Just like this Canada’s anti-spam Legislation). The chances of an email safely landing in an inbox depend on various factors. To enhance the delivery rate and open rate, marketers ought to have a keen eye for regular updates. Enhancing email deliverability: Every email updated in […]

How to Avoid Data Decay

Knowledge is Power. Being in the industry and as a marketer or business owner, you keep adding information about your customers to the database, piles of it. However, the efforts put into utilizing this information is close to zero. So the question that arises now is how this huge amount of data can be used […]

The thin line that exists between engagement and purchase in social media

How can the social space promise sales? Can a brand interact with a consumer? With the digital expanse, it is possible. The conversation or in the social lingo, the threads promise much more value than just purchase. The lifetime value of a consumer is much higher with social media engagement tools like FB, Twitter, Google+, […]

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