5 Ways to Boost Your Customer Retention with Email Marketing

Customer retention is always a top priority for any company. It’s important to build long-lasting relationships with customers, and it can lead to increased revenue. However, achieving that goal can be difficult, especially if the company doesn’t have enough money or time to dedicate specifically for customer retention.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can take advantage of email marketing to improve your customer retention rates and keep your customers happy. It’s also important to focus on retention rather than acquisition. This means not just using email marketing for acquisition but also using it for customer retention programs like incentivized newsletters or loyalty programs.

Let’s understand some tried and tested strategies of email marketing for customer retention.

1. Creating Modes of Contextually Relevant Communications

Email segmentation is an important skill to harness while email marketing, which can help you retain customers. Email segmentation allows you to send personalized messages that your customers will likely find beneficial and increase their likelihood of responding. It is important to note that different segments should be targeted for different purposes; for example, the retention campaigns would target current customers’ more than new ones.

Here is a catchy email that brings customers closer to your brand.

you-re-the-best - Span Global Services

Source: Really Good Emails

Ultimately, aligning services to different customer segments is a key factor in providing valuable customer insights supporting and driving decision-making. This not only has an impact on the bottom line of a company but also positively impacts your business’s growth. Customers are varied, and we must recognize this for success.

2. Keep a Steady Flow of High-Quality Content

A steady flow of content is a great way to increase brand recall and keep your customers thinking about you. No better way than making your way into your customer’s inbox.

Email is still the most sought-after option to engage with customers, and it is all about making a good first impression. However, with around 2 billion emails sent daily, you need to be strategic for your email marketing campaign to be effective. Here are some guidelines and tips on writing an email that will engage your audience better:

  • Writing a compelling subject line is crucial, as it typically gets open rates up by 15%.
  • Crafting a personal story or personal experience can also help create engagement.
  • Interspersing the email content with rich text, infographics, and videos is a great way to drive engagement.

Email marketing retention strategies crafted with the customer in mind and making the customer feel that they are a valuable entity in a brand story are a great way to retain customers with a brand.

3. Brand Voice that Strikes a Chord with Customers

A brand is the total of a customer’s thoughts, feelings and experiences about a product or service and is shaped by leveraged strategies to dish out these experiences. A strong brand voice helps customers connect with your company more effectively when there is consistency in tone, personality and messaging.

One of the most important principles an online business owner should have is to provide high-quality content to their audience. This strategy works when you accept customer feedback on what content they think needs improvement and are willing to make changes.

One tip for keeping a customer happy with your content quality is by making sure you have enough regular content per month. It also helps if your company has things planned that entice customers to come back repeatedly, like offering new product releases, introducing new themes for the blog or dishing out vouchers or promo codes.

4. Shifting Focus from Plain Responsive Content Delivery

It’s not enough for customers to buy your product or service once. You need them to come back again and again, year after year. Mobile-first content and email marketing strategy will get you there because it ensures that your latest offerings are available anytime, anywhere.

This is a new strategy in email marketing that is generating a lot of buzz on the internet. The mobile-first strategy seeks to direct people to mobile-friendly content and move away from sending emails just for email purposes. This way, you are on top of your customers’ minds and priorities and increase the possibility of retaining them.

5. Closely Mapping and Monitoring the Customer Journey

Every business needs to have a customer journey. The customer journey is a critical part of every operational workflow for devising strategies around email marketing for customer retention. It helps teams assess the quality of their service to their customers and develop accurate politeness in tone and tonality while communicating with customers. Moreover, it also has an input in defining how effective your marketing campaigns are.

Here is an example of an email that drives engagement by showing what the customer has liked in the past.

revisiting-your-favorites- Span-Global-Services

Source: Really Good Emails

Email and Drip campaigns are a great way to chart the customer journey. If you want to make your customers happy, it helps to know where they go and what they do. That’s where data tracking comes in handy. This includes how your customers interact and consume your content. Companies can better understand the relationship between marketing, sales, customer service and customer retention with a view into customer behavior.


The more you know about your customers, the better you’ll understand them. Keeping track of their preferences, habits, and behaviors is crucial for maximizing their lifetime value to your business. At Span Global Services, we don’t just provide you with data intelligence! We help you nurture and retain your existing customers to form an essential part of your journey for achieving your marketing milestones.

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