Ask for Record Samples Before Buying Email Lists?

Buying email list from unfamiliar sources is risky. It is one of the main reasons why digital promotions fail to achieve the right results. If you have been ignoring this dark red signal or refusing to make adjustments, it will be hard to recover the losses. Even competitors may take away key customers under your nose. When you approach vendors for a new list ask for samples with record results. Have you been specific about asking this question when buying a targeted email list for sale? It could revive a failing marketing strategy.

This post offers some corrective measures to stop a strategy from spiraling downwards. It correspondingly offers information on receiving the right data on sale.

1. No campaign is ever perfect

We all have failed to achieve targets and it is a story that repeats frequently with entrepreneurs, young start ups and even established companies. You are not alone, but must understand that a floundering strategy can always be rectified. Nothing exists in cast iron or embedded in stone and a dying campaign can be revitalized.


There is always hope and if you take a step back, things get back to shape. Many lists are on sale but the requirement is for a niche targeted audience. Today, the perquisite for digital marketing is suitable data to make a campaign work. Negative ROIs leave a bad taste no matter how hard you have planned and executed. There are ways to fix the blunders, after all we do learn from our mistakes.

2. Become wiser and smart

Give adequate time for a plan to do a job. For instance, seo techniques take time to produce results. The inbound traffic takes a couple of weeks before there is a ‘catchlight’ detected on rising or decreasing figures. If you are building a brand image, then it cannot be done in a jiffy. Make adjustments based on the data that is churned out or which is available on sale. If the results of undertaking content marketing are poor, several problems need to be fixed. For example, a company that offers diverse business cannot club different posts together. You cannot expect all subscribers to have the same interests and read everything you send.


Break the content into different segments so only the relevant mails engage the audience. Fix the issue and subscribers do not run away. The plan goes on track once the problem is rectified. If you have already purchased a targeted email lists for sale recently, the supplier should be able to guarantee that it is segmented so that all subscribers do not receive the same content. This would be a wise move to avoid failure.

3. Stepped into the mud, again?

When previous track records are not checked you may step into another mess. With so much rivalry, it is tough to find the right service provider. Marketers should pay attention to get reasonable results. Reputable vendors provide proof and records as they want your business. Try to mix this list with one that you have developed. Trust the quality of data from the vendors. A test should be conducted to remove wrong addresses, names that are misspelt, information that is not longer valid or addresses that have been abandoned. One can trace harvested emails routed from the web. These do not come under any list and are against the ethics.


The ‘CAN-SPAM Act’ is enforced on such digressions. You would not wish to be considered as a regular spammer and lose genuine clients. A subscriber is wary of emails being sent continuously by the same company if it is not relevant. Continuous messages may see you out of the radar forever. The biggest hit comes when the email service provider which sends emails on your behalf learns this and stops sending your content. This will attract a fine or bring a closure of your account. At times the competitor is also using the same targeted email list. Multiple messages annoy the subscribers and such a problem needs fixing immediately.

4. Accelerate business, next step forward

The right practice for getting the genuine lists should now go stepwise:

1. The email contacts should be cost effective.
2. Your plan of action should be ready for the targeted people.
3. Personalized content should be relevant if mistakes have been made in the past.
4. Check previous records to eliminate the same errors.
5. For brand visibility and maximizing the potential, ensure emails are sent to different segments.
6. Buy contacts from vendors who offer high quality data for the industry you work in.

Vendors offer targeted email lists for sale in top sectors like healthcare, technology, and other industry wise mailing list. The most important data you should look for when picking up the data is by criteria like:

1. First and last name of the person
2. Location and zip code
3. Email and traditional mailing address
4. Company details
5. Number of employees

With this you cannot go wrong anymore.

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