Data Appending: How to Make a Data-driven Business Decisions

More data doesn’t always lead to better insights. However, it is still an opportunity for you to leverage your marketing resources and understand how your customers are reacting to your campaigns. Data plays the back-end support to your marketing results. A recent study shows that in Q3, 2016 most marketers continued to experience success with data-driven marketing; 51.8% Marketers said they expect a boost in returns. And that’s why your database needs regular market trend updates – with data appending.

Placing Data Appending into Your Data-driven Strategy Engine

Marketing in the virtual world is very much quantifiable. Quantification is in fact so apt and accurate that here, unlike in the real world, you decide your ROI first by understanding what data you have, what data you can get, how to organize and, ultimately, how to activate your data. Post current data analysis, data appending adds the missing fields into your database, making it a complete set.

Data-driven businesses gain a sustainable competitive advantage and delivers greater value to its customers. Data-driven strategies include a cohesive data-aware culture that encourages marketers to seek new perspectives, take risks, and challenge the status-quo with data.

But not all data-centric businesses succeed in measuring ROI appropriately even after obstinate efforts. Obstacles are aplenty. Some common challenges:

  • Client data is stored in silos and accessibility issues of sensitive information to marketers for analysis purposes
  • Inaccurate data collection from multichannel sources (Email, Mobile, websites, social media etc.)
  • Businesses lacking in proper technology to harness and analyze continuously complicating data structures
  • Unclean and non-updated data sheets, lacking in requisite fields for particular campaigns

Converting Your Business into a Strong Data-driven Marketing Unit

  • Ensure an organization-wide uniform data strategy
  • Ensure IT and marketing departments to work in sync for data-related projects
  • Create a cross-functional team with marketers and IT employees. It is important for the CMO and CIO to work together and leverage various facets of expertise, pool resources and ensure robust, scalable platforms to deliver long-term value.
  • Leverage analytics to deliver actionable insights which acts as guidance during the decision-making process
  • Create a single, complete, actionable and flexible view of customers and prospects. Numerous marketing technologies are available which specialize in dealing with data silos and lack of prospect behavior visibility.

Use data appending and cleansing services on existing and newly acquired databases to align participants with the newly formed buyer persona.

Where Does Data Appending Fit in Your Marketing Strategy

Database is the bedrock for all B2B marketing efforts. But for most maintaining, a sturdy database strategy is a challenge. 56% of marketers believe there is scope for improvement in their database strategy and 46% Marketers said they don’t have the time or resources to implement an effective data quality management process.

Now that’s a frightful scenario for a data-centric organization! To successfully implement data-driven tactics you first need to eliminate toxic data. So how would you do that?

5 simple steps to do that:

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Just remember the drill: CLEAN > SPREAD > ADD > EDIT > CHECK > REPEAT!

Words of Wisdom

Customer database plays a pivotal role in this multi-channel Digital marketing epoch. It allows marketers to predict and garner intelligence on current and future customers. By 2020 as highlighted by a study, sales will be driven by customer database, hence maintaining clean and accurate Database is the need of the hour for B2B as well as B2C marketers. Moreover, both B2C customers and B2B clients demand highly personalized experience. To win a fair chance in the competitive market you will have to comply and take data driven measures.

Data Appending

Database hygiene decides the success of your campaign. An appended database enables you to reach potential customers at the right time. At Span Global Services, data appending is opted-in and permission-based to help increase your campaign effectiveness.

Don’t let data attrition dampen the power of your database. Keep it fresh, keep it relevant and keep it ethical! Find out how Span Global Services can help improve your data quality. Connect with our experts for a free one-on-one consultation.


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