Got Motivated with Doug at IDMA Leadership Meet

After training 500,000 people in 5 different continents, it was our turn. As data partners to the IDMA Leadership Meet, Span Global Services was proud to host one of the most influential keynote speakers of United States and the world – Doug Dvorak.
Who is Doug Dvorak?
By his website, Doug is well-known for his “signature minty-fresh breath”. As an audience though, our day was saved from another boring boardroom babble. Featured in CBS, Fox News, CNN, Oprah and professional speaker appointed to address key issues in business operations and strategies for a range of global brands, Doug Dvorak is THE Hall of Fame Motivational Key Speaker.

IDMA Leadership Meet | Point of Discussion: Sales Digitization

International Digital Marketing Association (IDMA) yesterday hosted the annual Leadership Training Programme which discussed the major progress in Sales Digitization, and its utilization.
IDMA Leadership Meet EventWhat is Sales Digitization?
Thanks to mass e-retailers Amazon and Apple, even B2B customers now want seamless user experiences while purchasing their products. Like digital marketing, now sales is also setting foot into the digital landscape and transforming its processes in due course.


Few Takeaways from the Event:

  • Sales will be more of an inbound journey
  • Interfaces will talk more than people during purchases
  • Customer influencing will have to be more organic, as direct communications take a back-seat
  • Post-sales interactions (feedbacks) will be a major selling point to potential customers
  • Customer retention will have to be thought over customer acquisition

Some trends of real-world sales will remain. There will still nothing be as “tried enough”, as far as selling is concerned. As Doug said, “10-12 tries [with the same customer] can be well accounted for”. But donning the digital mask will have to come with versatility. Customer delight will have more stringent codes of expectations.


Doug in action @ IDMA Leadership MeetDoug Dvorak in action @ the IDMA Leadership Meet



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