There are a ton of things that go behind creating an effective B2B marketing strategy – an engaging blog, regular email campaigns, informative case studies, tutorial videos, and more. But there’s another important element that many marketers ignore – the power of high-quality podcasts in B2B marketing.

If you think podcasting is exclusive to the B2C market, you’re wrong. According to a Sapio research, 34% of decision-makers rely on business podcasts for business-related and thought leadership content. So if you haven’t considered B2B marketing podcasts yet, now is the time.

Importance of Podcasts in B2B Marketing

Importance of Podcasts in B2B Marketing

Starting a podcast is an excellent way to amp up your content marketing game. In fact, 33% of B2B marketers use them as part of their content marketing strategy. Here are other reasons why starting a podcast for your B2B business is a good decision –

1. Establish Thought Leadership

A podcast is an excellent way to share valuable information and insights with your target audience. You can provide guidance on industry trends, common pain points, and best practices, building trust and credibility with your potential customers. When they perceive your brand as a thought leader, they are more likely to do business with you.

2. Increase Visibility and Brand Awareness

Another benefit of incorporating podcasts in B2B marketing is reaching new users and expanding your reach beyond existing customers. In fact, podcasts are 30 times more effective than traditional marketing channels in improving brand awareness. By consistently creating valuable and engaging podcasts, you can attract new users and generate a buzz around your brand.

3. Stand Out from the Crowd

While podcasts are an excellent marketing strategy, they are still new in the B2B market. This gives you the perfect opportunity to stand out from your competitors. Creating engaging and valuable podcasts allows you to showcase your unique brand personality, share your story, and demonstrate your expertise in the field. Additionally, tapping into the growing audience for podcasts and providing high-quality content allows you to create a loyal following and drive growth over the long term.

4. Humanize Your Brand

Humanize Your Brand

Podcasts are more intimate and conversational. They allow you to connect with your audience on a personal level. You can use them to showcase your personality, values, and culture and build a more emotional connection with your audience. This helps you humanize your brand and make it more relatable and approachable, ultimately leading to better engagement, loyalty, and trust.

B2B Podcasts Best Practices

Are you set to enter the world of B2B marketing podcasts? Here are some B2B podcasts best practices to help you make the most of this amazing tool-

1. Define Your Audience and Purpose

Like any B2B marketing strategy, a podcast requires due research. First, determine who your audience is and what they are interested in. This helps you create content that resonates with them and provides valuable insights and information. Then, determine the purpose of your podcast. What exactly do you wish to achieve with this strategy? Why will your audience be interested in listening to your podcast? This will help you build a strong base and create podcasts that drive conversions.

2. Determine Your Unique Value Proposition

For a successful podcast, you need users that are interested in listening. To drive their interest, you must bring something unique to the table that isn’t available elsewhere. This is your unique value proposition. To nail it, follow these three simple tips –

  • Be relevant
  • Talk about specific pain points and benefits
  • Invite industry experts as guests

3. Be to the Point

When creating podcasts, don’t forget to consider the timing. 20-40 minute episodes are ideal. So, keep your podcasts short and to the point and provide how-tos or quick tips to keep your audience hooked.

4. Share Your Story

Storytelling is a powerful tool to humanize your brand and build emotional connections with your audience. It helps you establish your brand identity, share your journey and values, and differentiate yourself from your competitors. So don’t just talk about your products or services. Tell people what motivated you to start your brand and the highs and lows that came with it.

5. Promote Your Podcast

Creating a podcast is just half the work. To ensure it is successful and reaches the right audience, you must promote it. For this, you can use your website, social media, emails, or any other channel that you use for your B2B marketing.

To Sum Up

B2B marketing podcasts

If you’re looking to boost brand awareness, build strong customer relationships, and stand out from the competition, then podcasts are a great tool to consider. A solid email list will further help you reach potential customers and promote your podcasts to them.

If you don’t have an accurate, high-quality email list, we’ve got your back. Contact us with your requirements today.

Author - Tenzin Geychok
Tenzin Geychok Author at Span Global Services Tenzin Geychok-Senior Manager, Business Development Tenzin is an exceptional business development manager with strong planning and implementation capabilities. He’s highly skilled at strategy execution with an in-depth understanding of the customers’ requirements. He constantly develops newer ways to improve customer experience that boost & build brand loyalty. Tenzin is a people’s person ensuring positive interactions and relationships with clients and team members giving more emphasis to value over business.

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