Top 10 Companies Using Stripe

What is Stripe? 

Stripe, is a technology company that offers a set of tools and services to simplify online payments and financial transactions. It helps small, large, and enterprise-level businesses to make transactions over the Internet securely.

Below are some products and solutions of Stripe and its products:

  1. Stripe Payments for online payment processing
  2. Stripe Checkout for customizable and mobile-responsive checkout page
  3. Stripe Billing tools for businesses to manage and set up subscription billing
  4. Stripe Connect facilitates businesses to create and manage online marketplaces
  5. Stripe Treasury is an A-banking-as-a-service API
  6. Stripe Radar protects against online fraud and reduces the risk of chargebacks
  7. Stripe Payouts enables quick and secure payouts to sellers and other stakeholders
  8. Stripe Terminal enables businesses to accept in-person payments
  9. Stripe Identity tool for identity verification of users
  10. Stripe Stigma is a set of customizable pre-built UI components
  11. Stripe Issuing helps businesses to create and manage virtual and physical cards.

Why do you need a Stripe Customer’s list? 

If you are a business that is looking to connect with the customers of Stripe, and if you are developing ideas that complement or replace the products/services of Stripe, then the Stripe customer list gives you immediate access to the pool of potential leads for your developing business. Below is the list of Top 10 companies using Stripe for various business purposes:

1. Accenture


Accenture is one of the most popular organizations in the list of companies using Stripe. Accenture offers a range of services including digital transformation, technology and management consulting, strategy development, and outsourcing solutions. Accenture leveraged Stripe to implement holistic and modern payment solutions. It has around 7, 30,000 employees, and its revenue is 64.112 billion USD.

2. Amazon  


Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce and technology company and is one of the prominent organizations in the Stripe customer list. Amazon partnered with Stripe to provide digital transformation solutions at scale and enhance customer experience. Amazon has 1,500,000 employees and its revenue is 554.03 billion USD.

3. IBM


IBM is a well-known multinational company that is into various aspects of the technology industry including artificial intelligence, hardware, software, cloud computing, and consulting services. IBM has leveraged Stripe to effortlessly adapt to online commerce and meet the changing customer needs. It employs approximately 288,000 employees and its revenue is 60.52 billion USD.

4. Zoom


Zoom is a video technology company that provides online meetings and video conferencing services. It is one of the top cloud-based video conferencing services in the list of companies using Stripe. It has more than 8000 employees and its revenue is 4.511 billion USD.

5. Woocommerce

Woocommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform in the world and is on the list of companies using Stripe. Woocommerce leveraged Stripe infrastructure to give everything to businesses from payments to dispute resolutions in one place and its revenue is approximately 20 billion USD.

6. Crimson Education

Crimson Education is an education consulting company that assists students globally with the help of mentors and consultants from various countries. It is one of the popular education consulting companies that use Stripe. Crimson Education leveraged Stripe to streamline customer experience during its expansion. It has around 700 employees and its revenue is 6.5 million.

7. Decathlon

Decathlon is a multinational sports retailer company that has a large network of stores worldwide, offering a range of sports clothing, accessories, and sports equipment. Decathlon is a popular sportswear brand in the Stripe customer list it has more than 1, 00,000 employees and its revenue is 12.8 billion USD. Decathlon leveraged Stripe to streamline payment processing and refund management. Stripe also helped in automating the onboarding process of new coaches.

8. WordPress

WordPress is the popular open-source content management system in the list of companies using Stripe. WordPress allows users to create and manage websites and blogs. It has more than 2000 employees and its revenue is 1.3 billion USD. WordPress leveraged Stripe to set up a seamless recurring payment plan and manage the flow of funds.

9. Toyota


Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the popular multinational automotive manufacturer companies that use Stripe. Toyota is known for its diverse range of vehicles and it leveraged Stripe to create a sustainability-driven platform for buying and selling equipment. Toyota employs 375,235 employees and its revenue is 280.29 billion USD.

10. Thoughtworks 

Thoughtworks is a global software company that provides a range of services including software development, digital transformation, design, and strategy consulting. Thoughtworks leveraged Stripe’s revenue and finance automation suite to drive positive customer experiences. Thoughtworks has more than 11,000 employees and its revenue is 1.23 billion USD.

How to get access to the above Stripe customer list?  

Stripe customer list brings many benefits to your business including the opportunities to cross-sell, expansion of business and networking opportunities, instant access to your potential leads, etc. Also, a high-quality email list is the gateway for many marketing strategies that connect you with your potential leads.

Businesses can access the list of companies using Stripe by implementing various email list-building strategies.

The email-building strategies include feedback forms, landing pages, social media engagement, website sign-ups, offline networking events, etc. However, building a Stripe customer email list is a time-consuming process that requires budget, resources, and an in-house team. Another easy way to get access to the Stripe customer list is by choosing a reliable, authentic, and professional database vendor.

The database vendors assist you with the high-quality Stripe customer database that is updated and verified. However, while purchasing a database from vendors, make sure to ask for a compliance-safe email list built using trusted resources. To confirm the accuracy and quality of the email list, you can also ask for a sample/demo email list.


Stripe’s customer list can be a game-changer to your business bringing in a lot of valuable connections and business opportunities. But is important to choose the way you get access to the email list. If you are a business with huge investment, and resources and your marketing strategies has no constraint, you can choose the above email-building strategies that aligns with your business and marketing objectives.

However, if you are a business planning to implement a marketing strategy with budget and resource constraints, one of the easiest and simplest ways to access the Stripe customer list is by purchasing it from a professional database vendor. Also, enterprise-level businesses opt for purchasing data from the vendors as they get immediate access to the list, its cost-effective, and promises good deliverability and open rates.

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