Identify small, mid, and large-sized enterprises from industry verticals, including healthcare, agriculture, technology, finance, education, architecture, automobile, advertising, etc using JD Edwards.

Breakdown of JD Edwards Clients List

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne JD Edwards Fixed Asset Accounting
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne One View JD Edwards UX One Users Email List
JD Edwards ERP Users Mailing List JD Edwards Sales Order Management


Companies Using JD Edwards 9,096
Total Contacts Available 20,178


Here’s how Oracle’s JD Edwards power companies’ operations.

1. Wilbur Eliis Company

Wilbur Eliis Company was a $1 billion firm in 2002, and employing the same architecture, they have expanded to a $2.5 billion corporation, more than doubling in size. They have deployed a single JD Edwards EnterpriseOne database instance and a single JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 9.0 application instance. Everyone in the company’s leadership acknowledges that without JD Edwards, they wouldn’t be where they are today.

Boost Your Email Deliverability To 95% With Our JD Edwards Customers LIst

JD Edwards from Oracle is cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that enables businesses manage their finances, distribution, human resources, consumer products, and more. They do this by providing appropriate tools and solutions that save time, work, and money. If engaging with these firms and professionals utilising this ERP solution is part of your marketing strategy, our mailing list will help you contact your target audience.

Reaching the proper target audience has always been the ultimate goal of marketers because it is the most important aspect in promoting a brand and attracting new consumers. Our JD Edwards customers list will assist you in reaching businesses of all kinds, small, mid-sized, and large.

Tailor your JD Edwards Clients List by

  • Assets Size
  • Company Size
  • Geographic
  • Industry
  • Job Title
  • Technology

Tap Into Untapped Markets with 100% Accurate JD Edwards Marketing Database

We, at Span Global Services, assist businesses in their marketing efforts by offering a deliverable list of contact information for their target audience. With the help of our JD Edwards customers email list, you can expand your client base by a factor of ten and launch a multi-channel marketing campaign. With such exciting metrics as our email database’s accuracy and deliverability rate of 95%, you’ll be sure to generate leads. Gain more clients than ever before, improve your brand image, reach new potentials, expand your client base, and form new business relationships with organizations all over the world.

Benefits of Acquiring Span Global Services’ JD Edwards Email Database

  • 200+ unique data attributes
  • 100% Data Refresh Every Quarter
  • Personalized lists based on user’s need
  • Worldwide outreach with data from the US, Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia, and other countries
  • Fresh, active, and responsive data verified quarterly with SMTP & NCOA protocols
  • All-inclusive data for enabling multi-channel & cross-channel marketing

Data Woes Wit Span Global Services

Using erroneous and inconsequential data for sales promotion has been a nightmare for many marketers. However, with our high precision and validated email list, you can completely eradicate this obstacle and reach the right clientele. All of the data we collect is derived from reputable sources to maintain proper accuracy, thereby scoring more response from your prospects, leading to better conversion rates.

When our email database is employed in a marketing effort, it results in favorable statistics and exponential growth for prominent firms of all sizes.

At Span Global Services, we recognise the dangers of sending email blasts to people who have explicitly stated that they do not want to be contacted via commercial emails. As a result, our list of JD Edwards users includes legitimately collected connections. When it comes to data protection and security, we also follow GDPR regulations.

Our technology lists are also pre-segmented into a variety of data areas, including names, titles, locations, email addresses, phone numbers, and more. If you require niche data categories, please contact our data experts with your specific request. Get a demo today.

Author - Debottam Dutta
Debottam Dutta Author at Span Global Services Debottam Dutta, is the VP for Business Development at Span Global Services. A technology geek with deep industry knowledge, Debottam has championed the B2B data space and enabled double digit growth for global tech enterprises. His business models have inspired partners globally to embrace data-driven partnerships. Over the last eight years he has built a reputation for developing the best business strategies, incubating new business models and expanding partner channels world-wide.

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