Targeting the Right Audience: Assembling Customer Insights for Effective Marketing

Enhancing Marketing Relevance through Customer Insights

It is vital for every organization to increase revenues for growth. At some point in the sales journey, there will be a necessity to engage new clients. You will need to get out of the comfort zone and create a new ICP based on who can afford your products. This will allow marketing efforts to become relevant and scalable for repeated success. Both product features and the messages that go out in the market signify your vision and accompanying goals.

This year, while you are launching the blueprint for the subsequent campaign, follow the ICP draft close to reality with authentic customer insights.

A buyer enjoys a distinct advantage

 Your customers can abandon you anytime and contracts now last for lesser periods. The onus is on you to retain them.

You may maintain a dedicated brand community, but it will dwindle as new products enter the market. Customers move on when there is something more exciting and valuable to accommodate their needs.

Gaining insights and data is a continuous exercise for marketers. The consumers publish reviews and suggestions, complain and expect the best. They reveal the flaws and expect rectification. No marketer can rely on guess work but hardcore data or insights on customer behavior.

If you inspect the records of the last ICPs, you may find buying patterns have changed over the years. Buyers have included more requirements and some pain points can be fulfilled while others cannot be. In the material world, you will need to make changes to the product or services and improve strategies. This does not simply mean changing the logo or color of packaging but offering real tangible value.

Improving after-sales support and replacement policies often score with existing customers. But with new customers, it is a different ball game. You require insights and create an accurate ICP to tap the potential prospects.

 Customer values count’s

Genuine customers always provide feedback, and bring a value proposition to the table. When you draft your ICP, they should be on the top of the list. How did they enhance your best revenue streams? The answers will support you to formulate strategies to persuade prospective clients and update the ICP. If you look for similarities in the data, getting new buyers of the same demographics will be easier to tap.

Revisit fundamental scores that make a powerful ICP for gaining prospects.

  1. The size of the company, number of employees, their clients and yearly revenues.
  2. Profile of the decision makers and structural hierarchy.
  3. Their targeted audience – Have they altered or remained the same?
  4. Are they firmly established or getting a foothold in the market?
  5. Will your products interest them? MORE IMPORTANTLY CAN THEY AFFORD YOUR PRODUCTS?
  6. How will they increase their business using your products or services? Will they take risks or go for innovation?
  7. Do they have a long buying process and what comprises the structure of the distribution channel?
  8. Are they implementing any tools to achieve their goals, and your products can accelerate them to perform better?
  9. Which factors will bring you closer to them – i.e. your reputation in the market, price or quality of products?

 Have these points encouraged customers, some of which are the best and a few worst to deal with? How have they influenced your business? Will better customer profiles result in onboarding prospects? Your marketing becomes relevant only when these parameters bear results.


Who can afford your products? Assemble customer insights to make your marketing relevant. Here’s how.

Revisit fundamental scores that make a powerful ICP for gaining prospects. See 9 of them here.

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