5 Winning Ways to Include Social Media in Your Email Marketing

With an impressive ROI of $36 for every dollar spent, emails rule the marketing world. It not only helps generate new leads in the sales funnel but also focuses on keeping existing customers engaged. But do you know that email marketing isn’t the only high scorer in marketing?

Email marketing has new competition in town – social media. According to a recent study, social media was the top platform for building brand awareness, followed by email marketing. So when the competition is intense, why not make these powerful mediums work together to get the best results? Together, they can help you-

  • Expand your brand reach to a wider, diverse audience
  • Leverage key business opportunities
  • Level up your customer experience

In this blog, we’ll focus on 5 excellent ways to integrate social media with email marketing

1. Include Social Icons in Emails

Social Icons in Emails

Allow your target audience to connect with you outside their inboxes and your website. Include your social icons in your emails and newsletters. Having them in the email footer will ensure they are always accessible without distracting your readers from the intent of the email.

Include a CTA along with your social icons, and give them a reason to reach your social platforms. In addition, you can also add a share button to allow the reader to share your newsletter, or a part of it, on their social media. Share button makes it easier to expand your reach, and such emails have a 158% higher click-through rate.

2. Repurpose Content Between Channels

Keeping social and emails separate means creating unique content for each channel. Now, this is not only costly but requires brainstorming for exclusive ideas. Here, you can make the most of your efforts by repurposing content from one channel to another.

For example, use content from your email copy and turn it into a social media ad. Or collect your best social media posts and send a weekly recap to your email list.

This will help reduce costs and streamline your content marketing efforts across both channels, establishing consistency.

3. Encourage Email Sign-ups Through Social Channels

Email Sign-ups Through Social Channels

Another excellent way to use social channel is to encourage your followers to sign-up for your email lists. Social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter include built-in features that let your audience subscribe to your email list directly through the profile.

4. Host Social Media Giveaways

Hit two targets with one stone – hosting social media-based contests and giveaways is a fantastic way to grow your social followers and email subscribers.

Offer them exclusive content; use it as a lead magnet to invite them to sign up for your mailing list. Or you can promote exciting contests on your social platforms, asking your followers to provide their email and name to participate.

This works well because you can send follow-up emails informing the audience about your products or offering them discounts.

5. Add Social Links to Email Unsubscribe Page

Social Links

If someone is unsubscribing from your mailing list, they probably won’t like hearing from your brand at all, right? Not really. They might still be interested in engaging with your business, just not within the inbox.

Include social icons on your unsubscribe pages to direct your audience to their preferred channels. The idea is to retain at least some of your audience by giving them the option to follow you on social media instead.

Wrapping Up

social media and email marketing

Whether you want to grow your mailing list or get more of your subscribers to engage with your social, integrating social media and email marketing will do the magic. They might have different marketing approaches, but together they can take your customer engagement rates to the next level.

So the next time you post something on your social platforms, don’t forget to share it with your email subscribers too.

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