Email Marketing Guide for Attorneys

Attracting a steady stream of clients is one of the most prominent challenges attorneys face today. This industry has heavily depended on referrals and word-of-mouth to keep its business thriving. But now, with the digital revolution, it is time to implement a new strategy- email marketing.

Research finds that by 2025, there will be 4.6 billion email users globally. That makes electronic mail the best place to get your business noticed. Further, according to the content marketing institute, 81% of B2B marketers find email marketing useful. And so, here we’ll discuss how you can get the most out of this strategy and grow your client base.

1. Develop an Email Marketing Strategy

To make the most of your email marketing, you need a well-developed strategy that outlines your marketing objectives. What you want to achieve from integrating this into your marketing efforts helps you provide targeted and valuable content to your readers.

For instance, if you want to attract new clients, you should share content that educates them on your expertise and establishes you as a thought leader. On the other hand, if you want to build stronger relationships with your existing customers, sharing news of events and milestones is more relevant content.

Basing your email marketing efforts on a clear goal will guide you in ensuring your content remains relevant and valuable to your intended market.

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2. Provide Relevant Content to Your Subscribers

Relevant Content to Your Subscribers

It is imperative that you share content that is actually of value to your targets. To do this, you need to ask yourself questions like,

  • What do your targets want to know?
  • What content is relevant to their needs?

Answering these questions helps you streamline and decide which content makes the cut and which doesn’t. Further, you must study current trends and style your content accordingly.

For instance, a recent study by Mckinsey & Company found that 71% of consumers expect personalization in a brand’s marketing efforts. Knowing the latest marketing trends and your target market helps you make more strategic and high-yielding marketing decisions.

3. Draft Focused and Concise Content

Another point to keep in mind is to ensure your content is not convoluted and difficult to understand. This can negatively affect your marketing goals.

The content you share as part of email marketing must be concise, easy to comprehend, and, most importantly, focused. It should be well-drafted and have a definite takeaway to make a positive impression on the reader.

Lastly, avoid drafting long emails. Including infographics and highlighting important sentences will help your reader understand your content better.

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4. Choose an Email Marketing Service

Email Marketing Service

Automating your email marketing efforts is an excellent way to stay connected with your target market and provide valuable content continuously.

Sending out bulk and personalized emails can be tedious without adequate software to help you. And so, you must choose the right email marketing service to help you further your law practice’s goals.

These services come with various benefits, such as segmenting users, managing and updating email lists, offering reports and analytics to help you track their success, and the like. Along with this, invest in a reliable email lists provider to ensure access to the most relevant and accurate leads within your industry.

Final Thoughts

email marketing strategy

Implementing an email marketing strategy is one of the best ways to showcase your practice’s talent to your clients.  Providing relevant and valuable content helps you build a strong relationship with your customer base while also attracting new high-value clients. Keeping them updated with your achievements, events, and milestones makes them feel valued as customers as well.

And by following our guide for email marketing, you can take your marketing strategies to new heights.

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