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Here’s how Microsoft Azure is being used by business founders, CEOs, developers, CMOs, finance executives, operations heads, CTOs, as well as their staff and repartees.

See how Microsoft Azure users are benefiting from its numerous industry vertical and functional applications in these popular examples.

1. NBA

The NBA enjoys great popularity with fans, with roughly 10 billion interactions every day across its many distribution channels, and the organization doesn’t take that excitement for granted. The NBA is launching a new direct-to-consumer platform based on Microsoft Azure that will provide fans with relevant, personalized information tailored to their specific tastes. NBA CourtOptix, for example, uses Azure AI to transform billions of data points into actionable metrics about players and games in order to better engage fans. The league is now well-positioned for even more exciting and revolutionary innovations in the future, thanks to Azure.

2. PepsiCo

PepsiCo, as one of the world’s largest food and beverage corporations, must balance consumer demand with available inventory in thousands of US outlets. The firm implemented Microsoft Azure Machine Learning to acquire meaningful insights from its massive reservoirs of data in order to migrate to a more machine learning, predictive analytics strategy, and PepsiCo has begun using it for select markets in the United States. PepsiCo field associates in the pilot were given daily priority lists for each store they visited, so they could better estimate the snacks that specific stores would need to carry in order to better satisfy consumer shopping demands.

The data scientists who create the lists use Azure Machine Learning’s machine learning operations capabilities to speed up the process of creating and working with the models that determine those priorities. As a result, early indications suggest that 4,300 days of labor will be shifted from mundane chores to value-added activities per year.

3. Bosch

Bosch Building Technologies, a Bosch Group company, created an in-house energy platform to assess energy consumption and pursue continuous energy efficiency. It constructed the solution on Microsoft Azure and intended to increase its functionality. Bosch developed Connecting Building Services and deployed Azure Digital Twins so that it and its clients could construct contextually aware solutions and digital representations of assets, environments, and business systems. Customers may now use forecasts and predictive analytics to make faster, more educated decisions about how to improve the efficiency and carbon footprint of their facilities.

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Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that is open, scalable, adaptable, and enterprise-ready. MS Azure users’ email database has the most up-to-date demographic, technographic, and behavioral data about your potential consumers. With MS Azure users’ contact database, reaching decision-makers, critical contact people, and technical professionals have never been easier or more efficient. With our MS Azure Users List, you can find your target market.

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With the Microsoft Azure Customers List, you can make informed conversion decisions.

As a marketer, you’re prone to making deliberate judgments. Data that is erroneous or of poor quality can sabotage your careful and methodical conversions. To maintain data quality and increase campaign credibility, our data analysts perform data augmentation activities on the Microsoft Azure Users email list.

In the Microsoft Azure Users mailing database, our verification and validation processes prevent data deterioration. These services improve the list’s accuracy, completeness, reliability, and authenticity. We offer 100% accurate data along with 95% deliverability.

We begin appending by confirming the clients’ phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles. These appending services ensure that the Microsoft Azure Users email list is accurate and dependable.

Advantages of Deploying Span Global Services’ Microsoft Azure Email Database

  • 100% Data Refresh Every Quarter
  • 200+ unique data attributes
  • Worldwide outreach with data from the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Europe, and other countries
  • Customized lists based on user’s need
  • All-inclusive data for facilitating multi-channel and cross-channel marketing.
  • Fresh and active data verified quarterly with SMTP & NCOA protocols

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Our MS Azure Customers List is a marketing database that has helped marketers around the world bring success home through planned and systematic efforts. Marketers can use our b2b email list of MS Azure users to keep customers engaged and informed with data-driven campaigns, making them the top choice for closing quick sales cycles. Though our Microsoft Azure user email database will not directly contribute to the generation of leads and income for your campaigns, it will assist you in identifying and targeting the relevant demographics as well as developing your next marketing and communication plan!

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