Applying Technographics to B2B Marketing

Increase conversions with powerful data insights!

Technographics Data

Introduction to Technographics

Similar to Demographics and Firmographics, Technographics are the segmented data on companies using any hardware or software technology. Technographic data helps marketers to develop the right understanding of their targeted technology market by identifying technology platforms installed in specific accounts. By using this data, (technology) marketers can identify their market competitors, as well as can their business niche and roll out b2b campaigns targeted to that market.

Span Global Services' Technographics Data

Considering the importance and effectiveness of technographics data, we at Span Global Services help marketers to roll out more targeted b2b campaigns by providing them with the right support. Marketers, who partner with us and use our technographics for promotional activities, effectively fuel their pipeline with quality sales leads through niche-specific marketing and get better conversions.

Do not waste time thinking. Take your marketing campaigns to the next level and effectively drive your sales in minimum market time. Opt for our cost-effective technology data solutions to-

  • Keep your b2b campaigns targeted to the right niche
  • Target accounts that matter and increase quality conversions
  • Identify and target new markets
  • Discuss business with the right decision makers using the right tech-installed data
  • Amplify ROI, sales and revenue generation


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