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What Is Technographic Data and How Can B2B Marketers Use It

Start decoding technology needs from accurate tech users and decision makers list.

For B2B marketers who want to sell Information Technology (IT) services, new product development or technology consulting or transformation capabilities, technographic data represents valuable insights about the technology needs of their potential market. These technographic insights are made possible by tracking and profiling of accounts based on their technology stack.

Answers you need to track the intent of your prospective technology buyer:

  • What software or hardware is used by the target organization to qualify as a tech buyer?
  • What technology talent or expertise does the target organization or tech buyer seek?
  • What is the target tech buyer’s vision that requires new technology investments?

Finding answers to all these basic technology related questions form an essential part of a technology B2B marketer’s lead prospecting activities.

Because everyenterprise is built on a technology platform or website, almost every organization requires the following:

  • IT transformation IT transformation
  • Cloud Migration Cloud Migration
  • Work From Home Productivity Work From Home Productivity
  • Workload and Workforce Optimization Workload and Workforce Optimization
  • Simplification of Processes & Workflows Simplification of Processes & Workflows
  • New Business Model Activation New Business Model Activation
  • Networking & Cybersecurity Networking & Cybersecurity
  • Server and Data Storage Server and Data Storage

The list is endless with the ever-growing line-up of technologies that all organizations consume to stay relevant and resilient. Span Global Services brings you accuratetechnographic data on likely purchase intent apart from valuable contact data of technology decision makers and the tech buying team members.

Technographics Data

Ask if you are a B2B Tech Marketer Looking to capture consumers’ attention using demographic or firmographic targeting

Now you can go a step ahead with accurate tech install base and tech stack data of your target market.

Essentially, demographics data is about people groups within a population who are clubbed together or segmented on the lines of culture, interests, geography, habits, age, gender and more. This represents a wealth of information for marketers in general. By applying demographic segmentation, they are able to mold or personalize their offerings based on the end-consumer’s language preference, food habits, social norms, cultural affinities, etc.

Then there is firmographic data that is immensely valuable for B2B marketers as it gives them a handle over their target audiences’ company size, title or designations, location, revenue, industry or service and more. The realities of today make every organization in any industry or domain a consumer of technology product, tool or a service. Similarly, through technographic or tech install data, B2B tech marketers can now get to know more about the tools that their prospects are using. They can gain deeper insights on the purchase intent and the actual beneficiaries who are using these tools in client organizations. Every organization today requires IT infrastructure to function in an environment of dramatically changing end-user experiences and rising customer expectations.

Goes without saying, their tech landscape has to evolve. Complete IT landscape modernization from legacy IT infrastructure transformation to building futuristic end-customer facing interfaces, or facing the new normal – All of it presents a big opportunity for tech marketers to promote and upsell their offerings.

These are some ongoing realities for the enterprise that shows why accurate tech install or tech stack data is so important for B2B tech marketing teams.

Transform Sales &Marketing With Targeted Technographics Data

There is a ton of data about your potential customers. It pays to know which ones to target so that you don’t waste time.

Ask our data experts how to drive effective lead scoring and prioritization.

Your online search and social media campaigns that are aimed at educating the right audience at the right time demand lead data accuracy. This requires insights on the ideal customer profile that you want to target with the right communication. Our experts bring you the ability to get you granular segmentation so that you discover the right opportunities from the overall data.

Transform Sales
Target the Right B2B

How to Target the Right B2B
Accounts With Tech User Segmentation

Software or Hardware User Segments =Best Customers to Upsell NewTechnology Solutions

Here is how you can accurately segment customers by sketching a big picture of their current technology stack and tools to infer what art their possible problems and the relevant solutions that they may require.

A majority of your customers are also users of AutoCAD software. They may be from diverse industries and finished products, catering to different end-customer needs. However, further investigation of AutoCad usage among the target audience indicates that they may be a perfect target audience to whom a B2B marketer could pitch3D printing products and solutions.

As a B2B marketer, you may want to target users of video conferencing software or technology. All global organizations and their employees using different software and tools like a Cisco WebEx or a Microsoft Teams or Zoom have an affinity towards team collaboration tools and team productivity enhancing technologies. Contact details of decision makers from these technology user companies can be immensely insightful for marketers who are pitching alternative or complementary collaborative solution offerings.

Specifics of their technographic behavior can reflect on how with different technology related affinities also relate to a common challenge that transcends industries. This brings us to business functions from diverse industries facing the same set of challenges and all of them can be considered as a specific tech challenge facing user category. These could be challenges related to BigData or Digitalization which CTOs from across industries would like to solve. This makes these CTOs a target audience segment for B2B marketers who want to help them monetize data with new technology solutions.

Start decoding technology needs from accurate tech users and decision makers list.








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How SaaS Companies are Getting Target Savvy

Running ROI intensive campaigns with
Span Global’stechnographic data.

Our ABM data building experts can help you zero down on the most prospective tech user targets based on the technology install and use case you want to drive.

You can thereafter apply more filters based on the revenue size and the most promising territories, online behavior, researching channels, etc.You can also match and serve specific ads to these accurately segmented and identified contacts from your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Marketing Automation System (MAS).

Identify the decision maker contact that you can input in your email targeting and marketing CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo or Eloqua. When you are using email campaign tools like Drip or Auto Response to run your ABM campaign, you can feed these with accurate technographic data from Span Global technographic database.

How SaaS Companies are Getting Target Savvy


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